Friday, June 22, 2012

Funtry Friday - Ready to Fly!

Well, there is some fun sneaking and peaking and crafty goodness going on around in the country today!  Earlier this week the baby Barn Swallows were just peeking over the edge of their nest and they still had lots of fluffy feathers.

fluffy babies peeking at me

Today, that little bit of peeking has been exchanged for an I-dare-you-stare and lots of colorful feathers!

feathers, color, and almost ready to fly!

Ooops!  Look who I caught sneaking!

Bethie - sneaking a bite of hay!

Guess she was extra hungry or else she preferred *meals on wheels*!  Or, at least, *meal on wheel*...

Peek-a-boo!  I do see you!  I am not sure if this is a case of sneaking or peeking...

I see you, Lova!

But she sure is cute hiding there.

Take a look at this cute craftiness, too!  My little almost 6 year old granddaughter drew this cute little lamb and cut it out to make a sewing pattern.

Naomi's lamb

And *poof* it turned into a little lamb just waiting for some stuffing and a little decoration here and there!

Awwww!  Going to be a cute little lamb!

Not sure exactly when we will get a chance to finish this little project, but hopefully it will be soon.  Both Naomi and Mikayla like to draw patterns and make doll clothes and little toys.  Needless to say, Grammy has a *grand* time sewing with them!  Sophia has been practicing with her sewing cards, too.  Pretty soon a needle in her hand won't be quite so life threatening...

Well, this is the fun happening in my country corner of the world!  What's happening in your little corner of the world?  Hope you are having a Happy Funtry Friday, too!



  1. Those baby birds will be out on their own in no time...I can't believe how fast they grow!
    The stuffed lamb will be so cute :) Glad the girls enjoy crafy time with Grandma :)

  2. What a precious little lamb! It's great to have the kids involved in the process. Looks like Lova is enjoying some shade :-) Great shots Kathy, thanks for sharing your world :D

  3. I love seeing your world from the inside out!

  4. Kathy, those baby swallows are so beautiful. Indeed, I see some attitude too!
    Does Lova get into trouble often? Looks a bit suspicious to me.
    Hi Bethie. I can't wait to see the lamb when it's finished and more of their creations.

  5. I love these posts! That little lamb project is so cute. It's awesome that your granddaughters are so crafty already.

  6. Awwww! So sweet. Can't wait to see the finished lamb.


  7. Thanks, memories! I am amazed at how fast those baby birds have grown. You are so right - Grammy and the grandgirls both love the sewing projects =)

    Lee - Naomi was so happy to have her little lamb ready to go. Now all they have to do is find her little sewing basket... LOL - Lova likes to peek around corners. You are welcome!

    Thanks, Kim! It's fun to share what's going on around here =)

    Jane - haha - the mama and daddy birds have a lot of attitude, too. Those little Barn Swallows are not shy! Lova can be a little rascal sometimes ;-) but she usually stays out of trouble. Usually! *Bethie will get back to you after dinner* The girls love their little sewing projects and have done several.

    Rose - they are really creative. All three love music, too, and Mikayla is taking piano lessons. It's fun to see their creativity peeking out in the things they like to do.

    Sue - I sent it home with Naomi who was very excited to finish her little project!

  8. Baby birdies... Love them! So sweet!
    Always fun at your place... Love the lamb!

  9. Thanks! The babies are flying now! I'm looking forward to seeing how Naomi finishes her little lamb!


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