Friday, June 15, 2012

Funtry Friday - Let's take a little stroll!

Sometimes it's just fun to wander around with my camera and see who is up to what out here.  There's always a bit of fun going on out in the country - let's see what's up this Fine Funtry Friday!

Awwww - look how sweet Benny Bunny is posing!

Benny Bunny

Did you know that it takes two *large* steps for a greyhound - or two - to stretch properly?

Gotcha and Glory having a morning stretch.

What is it about cameras that brings out the clown in some people - and dogs!?

Gotcha making crazy faces!  Really!

Haha - I must be the universal cat scratching post.  My neighbor's cat thinks so, anyway...


While we are in this neck of the woods, let's stop by and see how Lorie's little baby goat is doing!

Mama and Baby having supper

Awwwww!  How cute is that!  She sure is getting big fast.

Well, now that we have wandered around, it's time to head back home and have a cup of hot cocoa.  Care to join me?

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. How sweet it is! I love taking these walks with you.

  2. They're all so cute :) Taking a walk around your country side is always fun :)

  3. Great animal tour as always! I agree with Edi. :)

  4. Thanks, Jane! Never know what you will see around here =)

    Thanks, memories! It is lots of fun!

    Thanks, Rose =) It's fun to share the sights, too!

  5. Gotcha and Glory are sure long and lean -- I don't think I've ever seen a greyhound from the top side!!

  6. I don't know how I missed your blog all this time! - Now following via e-mail!


  7. the little baby goat (and Mom) are so cute! Don't get to see too many goats in my neighborhood. And the bunny - can't really make heads or tails of him... {:-D

  8. Sarah - they are very lean! And extra long when they stretch - they have covered almost five feet! Arial view shows it best ;-)

    Awwww - thank you, Sue!

    storybeader - Thanks! They are really fun to watch! Haha - he had his head turned and was just enjoying the warm sunshine while he peaked at me to see if I had any goodies.

  9. aaww..what cute animals! The baby goat is so cute. The greyhounds are quite sleek. What a fun animal tour with you today! Yep, it IS fun to take one's camera and wander.

  10. Beautiful animals around your place :)


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