Monday, May 7, 2012

Searching for a little 'how to'?

Guinea Party
Trying something new is fun - but finding how to do it may take a little searching. Here are some great places for artistic inspiration to try a new technique, experiment with a new media, or just see what someone else is creating.

Looking for some fun projects for kids?  You will find something for all ages - including the young at heart - at Deep Space Sparkle.

There are lots of basic tutorials for all kinds of art projects in many different media on both and

Rita Squire has some great watercolor hints on her Tuesday's Tips.

I have been posting hints and tutorials for quite a while, too, so I created a 'page' on my blog where you can easily find links to my tutorial blog posts.  Travel over to my Tutorials Page to see some fun projects and helpful hints. 

What new project have you been thinking about starting?  I'm not sure what's next for me
- but I'm sure it won't be long before something new catches my eye!

Happy Creating,


  1. Thanks for the resources- I love that watercolor too!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Glad you enjoyed both the links and my little painting =)

  3. Great resources! Thanks! I'm currently working on a set of greeting cards with magazine components for a new article.

  4. If I'm looking for engraving help, is my go to place!
    Otherwise, I google away :)

  5. I have SO many things I would like to make!
    Pinterest sure has lots of interesting possibilities.
    I do use google a lot for all kinds of research.
    I think having a link on your blog for tutorials is a great idea!

  6. Thanks, Rose! Wow, that sounds like a very fun project!

    memories - It's fun to cruise around and see the amazing things that people are doing!

    Splendid - LOL - me, too! My list of 'want to do' is pretty long ;-) My link to my tutorials came about because I kept trying to refer back to them - so I was continually searching my blog. I saw a tutorial page created on another blog and I had an "AH HA" moment ;-) Voila! So simple to find those posts now!

  7. Oh my! There are those guineas that I LOVE! And which remind me of some silly high school girls (three of them) that at times made more noise than any guinea (or so some parents intimated!)!! I LOVE this particular piece of art, my friend!

  8. hahaha - thank you! Couldn't resist using this artwork for this post because it reminded me of all the 'stuff' those girls found to do! Imagine those parents thinking they were chattery... what was up with that??? LOL


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