Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is such a sweet day.  I know that my dear daughter will give me an unhurried call to chat and catch up on all our news.  Never mind that we may have talked just a few days before - we will still find lots to share.  Sometimes I get to visit with all the little ones, too - and that's always fun!  I treasure the time I spend with my daughter - in person and on the phone - and I am so grateful for the wonderful relationship that we have!

Mom - in a High School play
But, even with all of that fun, Mother's Day is still a little bittersweet.  My mother passed away in 2002.  Yep, I still miss her.  However, I am grateful for all the years we did have together.  She and I had some wonderful and very fun times - lots of good memories stored up...  Still, there is a missing part of Mother's Day with her gone.

However, I am richly blessed.  I know far too many people who don't have the wonderful relationships that we have in our family.  I know several people who want children, but who have never had them.  I also know far too many people who have lost both parents and children at an early age.

last week
Special days like Mother's Day are hard for them.  Sometimes the rest of us forget.

this week
We get busy and we move away from them in embarrassed silence when we remember the faux pas of saying Happy Mother's Day.  Things that are out of sight, we push aside and desire to have them out of mind, as well.


Like this little street corner in Chino Valley.  Sometime this week the three small crosses that have been on that corner for more than 20 years were removed.  Those crosses were a reminder of the terrible accident that took the lives of three young girls and seriously injured two others. 

A long time for a memorial like that?  This is a small town.  Still.  And people still remember that accident and the lives that were forever changed.

Do you know someone who has faced a loss?  Take a risk.  Reach out.  Maybe they would just like to talk about that parent... or child...  and remember.  You might be really surprised at how blessed you will be!


Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Matthew 5:4 NET


  1. Wonderful post, Kathleen! How sad that those crosses that had been there so long were taken down. Mother's Day is always a bit bittersweet for me too. Your mother was beautiful. I can see the resemblance between the two of you. (((hugs)))

  2. Your relationship with your DD sounds like me and my mom. Still! I worry there will be a big void in my life when my mother passes, since she is very elderly. But she doesn't seem to worry at all. Good for her. Glad for you! {:-D

  3. Great post for Mother's Day! I feel very fortunate to have a pretty good relationship with my mom and to have had so many years with her and both of my parents' moms. Obviously this post resonated with me a little this year, as we were really hoping to be celebrating Mother's Day as parents by now. Hopefully it will happen at some point, but that doesn't mean it isn't still tough.

  4. Thank you, Graceful Moments - and (((hugs))) to you, too!

    Thanks, storybeader =) Glad you and your mom have fun, too! Make the most of all those moments!!!

    Thanks, Rose! So nice that you have those good relationships! Very true - and it is one of those 'invisible' things that people sometimes forget. Sending (((hugs and prayers))) your way!

  5. What a beautiful post!
    perfect for Mother's Day!
    I love that photo of your mom.
    My mom died in 2009, so yes, there's bittersweetness.

  6. Thanks, Splendid! Bittersweet, indeed! (((hugs)))

  7. Wow...beautiful post! My own mother and I have a pretty strained relationship, so that day is always a bit sad for me. You are blessed!

  8. Glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day! My mom and I have a weird relationship so I kind of just go through the motions of what's expected of me on Mothers Day.

  9. Kathy, you always have the best posts! This is very touching!
    I am very grateful and blesses to have a wonderful relationship with my mom...she truly is my best friend :)
    We drive past one of these crosses every night on our way to work and I think about that family often! How sad to have these crosses removed! I'm glad the town remembers even without the physical reminder.

  10. Thanks, Nancy! (((hugs))) - hoping one day it is better!

    Thanks, Beaded! (((hugs))) hope it gets better!

    Thanks, memories - *blushes* I appreciate that! Glad you and your mom have fun! It's good to have those reminders - sometimes people here move the crosses to another location.

  11. Kathy, Glad you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter.

  12. Me, too! It's a lot of fun =)

  13. Thank you - you know which group I am in and one of my best memories is of how loving your family, and especially your Mom was when I showed up on your doorstep unannounced on that horribly painful day. Hugs to you, too, my friend.

  14. (((hugs and prayers))) to you, Karin! Thanks for the return hugs! Sometimes it seems like yesterday...


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