Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just have to love crayons!

Look what I found!

DryErase Crayons

Yes.  I know... crayons - but when these DryErase Crayons are combined with acetate, they become a very fun artistic tool.  Trust me!

See... here's a little drawing.  I want to make a couple of changes in this drawing - but I really don't want to *erase*and*draw*erase*and*draw*erase*  Ahem.  Sooooo.....

Original Drawing

I place the clear sheet of acetate on top of my drawing and...

Drawing on the Acetate

...I make the changes on the sheet of acetate using the crayon.  Because these are DryErase Crayons, I can easily make changes in the drawing on the acetate - repeatedly.  The paper is much happier - and so am I!

Now all I have to do is transfer the drawing from the acetate to the paper using my handy dandy homemade light tracing box.

Homemade Light Tracing Box

....tracing, tracing, tracing...

Light Tracing Box in action!

Voila!  The original drawing now looks like this ~

Finished Drawing

Not only is this incredibly fast to do, but the clean up is soooo simple. 

Bye-bye drawing

Just a quick wipe with the fabric that came with the DryErase Crayons and *poof* all traces of the residue on the acetate are gone.

See, I told you this is a very fun and very useful little artistic tool!  Enjoy!

What new fun things have you found to "play with" recently?

Happy creating!



  1. I don't know about that being fast! *te-he*
    Sounds like you have to do it twice... but it is adorable and I'm glad to see it!

  2. You know, I just discovered these the other day while shopping for a kid's b-day. Crayola makes the coolest stuff! This is a great use for them too- would have never thought of it!

  3. Very clever! What a great way to make corrections, etc. I'm going to remember this!!

  4. Nice! Thanks for the little tutorial.

  5. Splendid - I agree - another artist used this idea for watercolor compositions.

    story - It's a really fast way to see if you like the change ;-) If you don't, your original drawing is still the same.

    Nancy - Most of the time people use the dry erase markers for this, but the crayons are less toxic =)

    Sarah - Glad you like it! Have fun!

    You are welcome, Rose - it's fun to share helpful ideas.

  6. Oh I like this! I think the light box comes in handy a lot, doesn't it? Once I get set up again I'm going to have to make or buy one. AND try this technique! Cool drawing btw!

  7. What a fun addition to your supplies! I have not seen these crayons in town; I will have to check them out. And I seriously need to think about a light box--using the window only goes so far.

  8. Janet - I really like having my light box. Because it has a large picture frame as the top, I am not so limited in size. It was sooooo simple to put together, and very simple to store if I need to take it down.

    Erika - The first time I saw these crayons at the store, I picked them up - what can I say? They were on sale! LOL
    I really like having a light box - neither clouds nor night will stop my appointed artistic endeavors now!

  9. wow, thanks for this great tip! i hate when good paper gets covered in pencil-indents. :)

  10. I have never heard of dry erase crayons...what a clever way you've used them!

  11. Judy, this was the first time I saw them. As long as you are careful about any little crayon bits getting on your paper, they work very well. I really like that they have no odor and are easy to clean up.

  12. Thank you, Pam! This was a handy hint to figure out!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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