Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was issued a challenge* through the Blogging Business Artisans to incorporate my favorite inspiration into a project of my choice.


I am inspired by a lot of things.  My family...


My father served in the Navy during WWII.  It seems fitting to mention this on Memorial Day.  He enlisted to insure that freedom in this nation would be preserved for his family.  That was only one way in which my father inspired me. 

Margie is another inspiration to me.  She is family to me even though we don't have any relatives who are related.  Margie will be 91 years old this year, and, though she has had to give up some of her activities, she is still very active and definitely a person who inspires me tremendously.

Joni Eareckson Tada inspires me, too.  Artist, writer, singer, speaker, world traveler, and leader of Joni and Friends and all of their various ministries to the disabled.  Oh, and by the way - she is a quadriplegic.  Since 1967 she has been paralyzed from the neck down.

Some people I have never met (though I feel like I have met them!) inspire me because they put their heart and lives on the line for what they believe.   For instance, Shannon and her family are adopting two 6 year old European children who have never met each other and who don't speak much English. Check out her blog, Copperlight Wood, for this incredible story.

Or check out Reece's Rainbow and see people who are moving mountains one grain of sand at a time.

Look at my grandchildren... Please ;-) Their parents are really awesome, too, and their heart for adoption inspires me.
The beauty that I see around me inspires me.

Beautiful Summer Evening - original watercolor ACEO
The amazing variety of wildlife and companion critters certainly inspires me.

Hershey in Winter - original watercolor

God inspires me.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 NET


Obviously there isn't one thing that inspires me.  There are many people, places, things, animals, websites, and... well, the list goes on and on. 

A blog post may inspire me to write.  My daughter may inspire me to paint.  A sunset may inspire me to be still and collect my thoughts. 

And online friends whom I have never met in person have inspired me to put it all together and write about it.

Thank you, Sharla, for this inspiring challenge that motivated me to create this little 'blog project'!


*May Challenge - Sharla (Beaded Tail) - Inspirations
Your challenge is to incorporate your favorite inspiration into a project of your choice.
Are you inspired by nature? Create something to show how nature makes you feel!
Do your kids motivate you? Have them join you in a crafty project!
Do your pets "help" you with your craft? Let's see their pawsome contributions!
Have fun just letting your inspiration lead you to do something crafty!


  1. This is a beautiful post so full of inspiration! It's wonderful that your life is full of so many wonderful people, places and things that you can translate into your lovely work! You are an inspiration yourself! :)

  2. What a wonderful post! I went back and looked at your granddaughters -- and didn't you know that feathers have names and personalities? Of course, they do!! That photo of Baby E's hand just brought me to tears.
    I think we are all inspired by what we see around us -- that's why we creative types always have a long list of project ideas!! : )

  3. Beautiful post! It is a great reminder to be thankful for so many things.

  4. Awwww - thank you, Sharla!

    Thank you, Sarah! LOL - positively! haha - I have my own little bag of feathers ;-) That picture of the hands still brings tears to my eyes, too - And Sophia has been home almost a year and a half! Haha - now I know why my list is so long....!

    Thanks, Erika! Glad you enjoyed this!

  5. Great job with this challenge, Kathy! I have learned so much from team members from their inspirations this month.

  6. I just LOVE the organic flow of that sky watercolor. I can really see your inspiration shine through here:)

  7. This is such a wonderful post, Kathy! very inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing all of this!

  8. I love this post, Kathy! Truth be told, many things inspire us but . . you . . . inspire me!

  9. P.S. My dad was in the navy too, during WWII and the Korean affair. You dad's picture reminds me a bit of him. He was on Destroyer Escorts, don't know the name, and the USS Severling.

  10. Me too, Rose - it's fun to see how varied the responses have been!

    Thanks, Nancy! Painting clouds and sunsets are lots of fun. We have some pretty majestic skies around here!

    Thanks, Splendid! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Thank you, Linda! What kind words - I appreciate them very much! Wow - my dad was on a destroyer, too, in the South Pacific mostly - the USS Franks.

  11. Kathy...thanks so much. I'm late seeing this (am I ever on time?!) but I am so honored to be mentioned in this list. Love you, friend. Come on up here and meet us one of these days, won't you? ;)

  12. You are very welcome, Shannon! Love you, too =) That would be so much fun - haha - when is it "summer"? LOL!

  13. Very inspiring Kathy... And beautiful art.
    And yes, Jessie does help with art lol he even loves to paint on my iPad art programs lol he can paint with his tongue lol His beak doesn't work on it.

  14. Thanks, Pam! Jessie is such a creative bird! and cute, too!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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