Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incredible ACEOs!

ACEOs are amazing!  Art Cards Editions and Originals (ACEOs) are similar to Art Trading Cards (ATCs), except that ACEOs are for sale.  They have been around for many years.  But what's so incredible about them, you ask?  Well... for a start... 
  • First, it's the compact size.  2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card or sports trading card. 
  • Then add that they can be created in any media.
  • Don't forget that any style is also fair game.
  • Sometimes you can even win them which is super cool!
Tiny little incredible works of art!  Like these ~

ACEOs I won from the 7 Card Draw on Etsy.
I won all of these!  Fantastic!  The 7 Card Draw Team on Etsy is all about winning ACEOs - and it's open to anyone.  Check out the details on the team page.  My generous 7 Card Draw friends even sent me little extras along with their Incredible ACEOs - all tucked inside some beautiful greeting cards!  

Want to see what I mean about Incredible ACEOs?  Take a peek ~

Here are three ACEO prints.  All very different and very creative!  Isn't Pam's purple flower fun - so whimsical!

ACEO Prints
Jeanne's lively poppy artwork is a print of a lovely larger painting she did in watercolor.  Mmmmm!  and we all know how much I enjoy watercolor!


Sandra created her beautiful abstract ACEO on her computer - digitally!

"Blue Wave"
Pam sent me her sweet little purple flower (above) as an extra gift when I won this delightful original watercolor painting ~

"Pretty Purple"

Betty added this charming little original mixed media painting with a little bit of collage.  Who could resist this sweet face?

"A Tender Glance"

Speaking of mixed media - check out Linda's gorgeous impressionistic landscape done with colored pencil and gel pens.

"After Giverny"
The creativity just keeps on coming, too!  Check out Lee's incredible original woven paper ACEO, "Fern", on the right.  The beautiful print on the left is a reproduction of her larger painting, "Down Under".  WOW!!!

"Down Under" and "Fern"

Marlene sent me a very fun two sided ACEO original drawing.  Well, that really makes it two drawings in one!

the front...
and the back!

Marlene added a gift, too - this beautiful pencil drawing, "Plum"!

I feel so blessed!  What beautiful ACEOs to add to my collection!  But do you want to know what I like even better?  All the very fun friends I've made in this great group!  Drop by the 7 Card Draw Team and meet them, too!
Jeanne ~ nannysroom
Linda ~ LindaTalbott
Betty ~ pinkglitterfae
Sandra ~ nitelvr

See what I mean?  ACEOs are Incredible!

Happy Creating!


  1. Amazing variety and beauty in your winnings! This is such a great group - I enjoy the chat as well as the art. And winning is fun too :D

  2. These are great and what a great collection. I have only painted ACEOs with my little girl; I will have to get the cards out again and create more.

  3. What a fun team! Congrats on your win. I loved learning more about each little piece of art.

  4. great selections Kathy, lucky girl! thanks for giving my little seal a new home too :-D

  5. Congrats on your win! Those are all great pieces! Love the back of the girl's head - clever! The seal is cute too!

  6. Totally true on all counts, Lee! Love your artwork! and your friendship =)

    Erika - I was just thinking that it would be fun to paint some more with the grandgirls. We haven't done that in a while!

    Rose, it is a really fun and talented team! Glad you enjoyed seeing all the art.

    Thanks, Betty - so glad to have snagged that Mr. Random Dude! Delighted to see your little seal in person - Gorgeous!!!

    Thanks, Sharla! This is just a little sample of the talent, too. Pretty amazing to think that these are all the size of a standard playing card, too!

  7. These are amazing! So glad you were the winner, I know how you appreciate art! What a fun team! I have one of Marlene's ACEO's of a couple of red candles. I keep it on my coffee table in a little lantern with glass sides. Perfect place for it! The candles are always burning inside it! (I should blog about it!)

  8. I love ACEOs, too! Marlene's two-sided drawing is such fun!
    What a wonderful collection! so original and lovely and whimsical.
    I keep saying I want to make these....

  9. Linda - how cool! I really enjoy her artwork, too - what a cool way to display it! You should blog about it - be sure to let Marlene know, too!

    Splendid - I agree - her two sided ACEO makes me *grin*. That was a challenge we had in our group. We post challenges (if we want) to inspire each other - it's fun. People just pick and choose which challenges (if any) that they want to do. The group is open - stop by anytime! "Rules" are simple and posted on the first page of the current discussion thread.

  10. Beautiful ACEO's... Thank you for featuring mine here too!

  11. You are welcome, Pam! I really enjoy having them in my collection!!!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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