Friday, May 11, 2012

Funtry Friday Spring Fun!

Why do I like Funtry Friday so much?  Because I get to share so much country fun with you all!  Like little babies ~ who are growing fast!

baby goat, mama goat, and naked sheep
Oh, and yes.... that is a totally naked sheep.  Last week she and her friend looked like this ~

woolly sheep
But now they have been sheared.  Lorie is probably planning to do something very fun with all that wool!

Wow - the desert is blooming ~ beautiful!

saguaro cactus
You have to look way up high to see the blooms on a saguaro cactus because they only bloom on the top part of the cactus and the top part of it's arms.  This one is pretty young, so it doesn't have any arms yet - and that is also why it was short enough for me to see the top of it from the road.

saguaro cactus blooms
The blooms are so pretty!  After it blooms, it will produce the sweetest fruit.  Yum!  Not easy to get, but well worth the effort.

There are lots of other blooms happening, too ~

Bougainvillea come in all kinds of colors and all sizes, too.  They are so pretty... ummm... and full of spiky thorns...  The actual flowers are teeny tiny little clusters of itty bitty flowers inside the brightly colored bracts (technical translation:  colorful leafy deals).  This one lives in Phoenix where it has lots of relatives.

Speaking of relatives...  Mama and Papa swallow are busily getting ready for more relatives in their family.

swallow nest
If you look closely, you can see that they have "feathered their nest" - with emu feathers!  The emus behind me have been very generous with their feathers this year.

Well, from the front door, to the neighbors, to a drive in the desert, to a visit in Phoenix (which isn't really rural country, but which does have some very fun grandchildren!), there are definitely lots of Funtry Friday things to see out there.

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. yes, that was a funtry trip! The sheep are so cute - how nice to be able to use their wool, and that's all! Those cactus in the desert look pretty tall to me! {:-D

  2. Great post Kathy! I feel like I've gone everywhere in your pocket :D Love the cactus and blooming bougainvillea <3 Thanks for bringing me along!

  3. The baby goat is still really cute!

  4. Awwww...that baby goat is adorable :)
    I've enjoyed seeing all the calves around here this time of year!

  5. No do tell how do you go about harvesting the cactus fruit?

  6. Yes, that was a funtry trip indeed! The emu feathers surely must make the little ones more comfortable! And be sure to take us with you when you pick that prickly cactus fruit!

  7. Thanks, story! Lorie has done some spinning in the past - I think that may be what she does again. They are REALLY tall!

    You are welcome, Lee! Glad to have the company ;-)

    Rose, she is a cutie! Such a pretty color =)

    memories - Thanks! We are having lots of baby calves here, too - so cute!

    LOL - Kim, they use a long poll with a basket deal on the end. Some people just get a long pole and whack them off and then look for them. Pretty tricky as well as sticky =p

    Still waiting for there to be eggs in the nest =) Mama and Papa are still working on the nest. haha - nope, not going to pick the saguaro fruit. I'll stick with the prickley pear - it grows MUCH closer to the ground!

  8. What a fun Friday & thanks for sharing. Is the baby goat staying out of trouble?

  9. You are welcome, Jane! haha - as much as baby goats stay out of trouble! LOL

  10. I love funtry friday! Great photos :)

  11. Thanks, Kaili! It's always fun to share what's going on around here ;-)

  12. Thanks, Debbie! It's fun to share the sights around here =)

  13. Spring has come to your house... how fun! Love the baby goat!

  14. It sure has! I am soooo glad to be warming up and watching baby critters!

  15. Kathy-love your Friday posts! The goats are adorable! do you get milk?


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