Friday, May 18, 2012

Funtry Friday Frenzy!

Some days do not go as planned...  or rather, some days get over planned?  and under staffed?  This part went fairly well...  Apparently this 'staff' can handle the painting part...

"Good Memories: - mixed media painting

Maybe if I followed my father's sage advice... "If you would put things away in the same place it would be easier to find them next time."  Father was very wise.  Ahem.  I think I have a 'short curcuit' in the 'put it away' part of my brain.

framing in progress...

However - mission accomplished.  I slipped the painting in the mat and frame to take a couple of quick pictures without all the reflections from the glass.

Then I went to look for the glass cleaner.  For the record, vinegar+water+rubbing alcohol will eventually remove streaks and clean glass.  Eventually.  Note to self:  put glass cleaner on shopping list.

Assembly went well... mostly...  Note to self:  put picture wire on shopping list.  And put it in a findable place this time *rolls eyes*


"Good Memories" all ready for the show... tomorrow!
Nothing worse than a retired picture framer whining about having to frame something!  This is the first thing I have framed in a couple of years, though - since I have been selling my artwork unframed online.  All my supplies and tools seem to have migrated somewhere...

Thumb tacks are frowned upon at art shows, however.  Especially since the rest of the Prescott Valley Art Guild members will have framed their artwork.  Probably with a lot less whining, too....  So, now I am mostly ready for tomorrow's adventure!

Christmas and her egg (the left one)
Christmas had her own adventure - she laid another egg!  Hers in the green one on the left... someone else left the egg on the right.  That's right.  I should have left that alone...

And, *sigh* it's fire time.

fire south of Prescott
Say a little prayer for all those firefighters out there!  There are both wild fires and controlled burns going on now.

Well, hope your Friday didn't have too many uphill climbs and that you are coasting into a wonderful weekend!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Beautiful framed art piece Kathy!

    Good job Christmas! lol

    I read about the wild fires in arizona, scary. I hope they get them under control!

  2. Hope the show goes well. Love your framed piece.

  3. Job well done! All my best for the art show.

  4. Changing gears - framing instead of painting - is always an adventure. So many tools, so few places to stash them, but they always are in the very last place I look :D
    Best wishes for the show!

    Yay Christmas!

  5. Love the painting and you did a great job framing it! Christmas lays green eggs plus steals other eggs? Hmmm. :) My prayers go out to the firefighters and those in the path of the fires in AZ and CO.

  6. I love that old truck picture! And I completely relate to "putting things away in the same place" difficulty. :)

  7. What a great painting of the old truck. It looks nice with the mat and frame you chose, too.

    Etsy Blog Team

  8. We all have days like that! I hope that the show goes well today.

  9. LOVE the picture! Of course I would, being the proud owner of a couple of old trucks - but really, you captured such a wonderful feeling with this truck farm. It actually reminds me of my grandparents' dairy out in Scottsdale back in the day! Great work! And, ahem, your Dad is right Kathleen - put it back where it belongs!

  10. Thanks, Pam! Totally amazing chicken! LOL
    Yes, they can be scary, but the firefighters work very hard to keep them under control.

    Thanks, pasqueflower!

    Thanks, Jane!

    LOL - so true, Lee! Oh, so very true! If I only could remember to look in the last place first...

    Thanks, Beaded! Very busy chicken ;-) Thanks for the prayers!!!

    Thanks, AbsolutelyKismet - lol - I knew I had company wandering around and searching!

    Thanks, Sweet Posy Dreams! It was fun to paint and frame!

    Thanks, Rose! LOL - yes, we do!

    LOL - thanks, Karin - hahaha - yes, his voice is echoing as I type... How fun that this reminds you of your grandparents' dairy! Cool!

  11. Looks like you found everything. Such a pretty painting. We used to have guineas at the museum - vicious about protecting their young. Hope you had a nice weekend. {:-D

  12. I love your painting! I hope you have a fabulous show!
    Unplanned fires are scary.
    Christmas is a great name for a chicken! I wonder, is there a story behind the name......

  13. LOL...I'm the same way about putting things away!
    Your new painting looks great and I hope the show went well :)

  14. Thanks, story =) Guineas are really fun birds to watch. I was amazed at how fast their little ones are! Wow! Hope you had a good weekend, too!

    Thank you, Splendid!
    Way back when, I had a chicken who looked almost like her and I called that little hen, Christmas. She was lots of fun! This little hen reminded me of my first Christmas hen, so I called her Christmas Too - lol - which has been shortened to Christmas ;-)
    Yes - I am glad for the controlled burns for that reason.

    hahaha - memories - at least we have a LOT of really good company! Thank you =) It was fun.


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