Friday, May 4, 2012

Funtry Friday Baby Pictures!

Nothing quite like baby pictures to make you smile!

Chloe and her new (big!) baby

As with most babies, first we play like crazy...

...and then we take a power nap!  (Pardon all the pooh in the picture - lol - baby goats just "drop and nap" and don't care about "photo ops"!)

Nap time *yawn*
Looks like there are going to be more babies around here, too.

Nesting Swallows
These little Swallows have taken up residence on my front window frame close to my front door.  Barn Swallows have nested in the barn next door for several years, but this is the first pair to nest at my house.  Guess they didn't like my barn...  

haha - It appears this is a "pooh-ti-fill" blog post this Funtry Friday since Chloe's baby naps in pooh and now these little birds have left a trail of gifts for me, too.

Well, nobody said that clean country living didn't get dirty sometimes! 

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Love babies! Poo is washable!

  2. I'd love to have the clean life i the country, pooh and all! Lovely babies!!!

  3. I love the biodegradable lifestyle. Wouldn't trade mine for anything.
    Love your posts and the babies!

  4. Aww, I love the baby goat photos :)

  5. Great photos! Who doesn't want to look at baby animals?

  6. So sweet - I look at poo as a good thing! Garden goodness!

  7. Great babies! Ah - poo happens :D

  8. aww, you are lucky to be surrounded by many wee babes!

  9. Totally true, Wendy! Thanks!

    It is fun, Linda - messy, but fun! LOL

    Thanks, Jane =) I agree!

    Thank you, Kaili! She is growing so fast!

    Awwww - Thanks, Rose =)

    Very true, Jeanne - I have all kinds of compost ;-)

    Lee - haha! Thanks =D yep, it does! LOL

    pink - I love to share them, too =) Glad you enjoy seeing them!


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