Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Watching and learning... Linne Thomas

Linne Thomas is a local artist and teacher who gave a watercolor painting demonstration this week at the Prescott Valley Art Guild

Well, you know how wild I am for watercolor, so I had a front row seat!  Care to join me?

Linne Thomas
Linne has two reference photos on her easel.  One is a color photograph, and the other one above that is a black and white photograph (you can only see a little bit of the bottom of the black and white photo).  The combination of these two images allows her to be accurate in her composition, colors and values.

She is painting a scene not far from where I live - yummy sunset colors, huh!

Using washes to add depth and tone
Linne is adding a wash to tone the colors in her painting.  This was just about as far as she got during the demonstration, but she was giving us lots of hints while she was painting.  I was taking pictures and making notes as fast as I could!

Check out these great hints ~

The artist's tools

  1. She has a friend who saves her scraps of mat board.  Aha!
  2. Linne uses these scraps of mat board to test her colors before she puts the paint on the paper.
  3. If you look closely, you can see that Linne has written the names of the colors on the sides of her palette.  I have seen this hint before and it is a great one to use.  No more confusion!  Take a look at those lovely puddles of paint, too.  That saves having to struggle to match the color exactly if you run out...
  4. My favorite hint?  Linne uses a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to lift paint for corrections.  I watched her do it.  Amazing!  I am all over this hint and the next trip to the store, guess what will be in my basket!
This was a great demonstration - I had lots of fun watching Linne paint.  Now I am all inspired and ready to pick up my brushes and start something new!

Have you had a jump start in your inspiration lately?  Maybe watching a demonstration or taking a class is just what you need.

Happy Creating!


  1. I love hints from accomplished painters! Thanks Kathy!
    I'll have to look for that eraser too. And naming the colors - that's great! Somethings I'll dip into a color and have pulled the wrong one - they don't always look the same when they're dry! And having a B&W photo handy is a good idea too! Glad she didn't mind you taking pics! {:-D

  2. awesome!
    who would have guessed that trick with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?!
    lots of good tips!

    I work with dye. I keep a notebook of my custom colors (along with other notes about patterns and quantities). I also label my bottles with the color name and date made and store them in the fridge.

  3. That Mr. Clean Magic Eraser hint is brilliant! I bet it would help with little kid painting messes too!!

  4. Great blog post Kathy! Love demos and hints, especially watercolor :D

  5. That's wonderful- it's always nice to get tips from others about how they do things. I remember when I was teaching art, all of my fellow art teachers would get together from time to time and share our techniques about this or that and they were so magical!

  6. It looks like a great demonstration. Thanks for sharing your new insights with us!

  7. I just love watercolor too, although I haven't done it in years!! I loved the lesson! Thanks! And great tips! Maybe I should pick up my brushes again soon!

  8. Thanks, Jane!

    Story - I was glad to take pictures. She actually asked me to take pictures with her camera, too. Linne and I have known each other for many years ;-)

    Great ideas, Splendid! I would have never guessed about that eraser either!

    Sarah - I bet it would work on any water based media!

    Me, too, Lee! It was lots of fun =)

    So true, Nancy! It's wonderful to meet up with people who like to share their ideas. Linne teaches classes at the local college and at The Art Store - and she loves to share.

    You are welcome, Rose! So glad she had lots to share with us!

    Linda - watercolor is so much fun! I really enjoy watching other people paint and enjoy hearing their tips and hints.

  9. I find it interesting how something that looks like a little blog on its own makes up a piece of art. So we ought to never judge from a small part or first impression, maybe? I just now thought of that; maybe I need a nap:)

  10. Painting demonstrations are so much fun to watch and a great way to learn something new. Looks like you have a wonderful day! I can't believe how vertical she has her board, I want to try to paint with the board tipped like that. You have inspired me!

  11. Very true, Erika - Linne added layer upon layer of washes on this painting and it came to life before our eyes. It is amazing to watch paintings 'unfold' like that.

    I agree, Rita! I did have a wonderful time watching her demo. She doesn't usually paint that verticle - she did it for the demonstration so that we all could see her paint. Usually she paints flat or turns it according to the way she wants her water to flow. Your Tuesday's tips really inspire me, too, Rita!!!!

  12. A woman in my watercolor group has used the Mr. Clean eraser to do streaks of sunlight in cloudy skies. She found, though, that she needs to do it last in her painting because the eraser leaves a slight residue on the paper that becomes visible if you paint another wash over it. Nice blog and pics about this demo though.


  13. Thank you! Thanks for the information, too, Sandra! I have experimented a little with it, but not much. Very interesting new "tool"!


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