Friday, April 20, 2012

Taking a road trip ~ Funtry Friday!

Hey - grab your walking shoes and let's take a little 'road trip' this Funtry Friday!  Come on down to Prescott and take a peek at the Sharlot Hall Museum where we celebrated Lorie's birthday.  Never mind that her birthday was back in March - tiramisu tastes good any time!

Fort Misery
We saw all kinds of fun things at Sharlot Hall Museum - like the oldest log cabin in Arizona.  Appropriately called Fort Misery.  Behind the fence there is a large garden where a local garden club grows heirloom plants.  Ummm... right now there are sleeping seeds and lots of dirt.

Yep - this is a real petroglyph - pretty cool, huh.  There are lots of these around this part of Arizona.  One of our local artists, Charles Huckeba, has done a lot of very cool artwork based on petroglyphs.  Check it out!

There are lovely garden spots all around the old buildings here including a large rose garden.  It was too early for the roses to be blooming, but there were lots of poppies.... including this little escapee.

Lorie in front of the Fremont House
Here's another one of the beautifully restored buildings.  Several of the buildings, including the Fremont House, were moved to the museum's current location.  This house was actually moved three times.  At one time it was a boarding house and guess who lived there?  Lorie!  She was a baby at the time, but her older sister remembers it very well.

Bedroom in the Fremont House
I didn't ask Lorie, but I am pretty sure that this bedroom set was not in the Fremont House when she lived there.  It took a long time to renovate and restore the Fremont House after it was moved to the museum property.  They must have done a really good job, though, because Lorie's sister, Connie, recognized the wallpaper and said it was the same wallpaper as when they lived there.

Works Projects Administration
A lot of the early work at the Sharlot Hall Museum was done as part of the WPA - the Works Project Administration Federal Works Agency.  You can see little bits and pieces of the WPA projects that were done in the 1930s in Prescott - like this WPA stamp in the sidewalk.  Check out Granny J's Walking Prescott blog post WPA: the Evolution of an Issue to see more WPA projects in Prescott.  Granny J passed away a few years ago, but her family has left her blog up because of the extraordinary amount of fun information she passed on over the years.  If you like the Prescott area, plan to spend a little time browsing through her blog posts.

Well, I will bet you are a bit worn out by now.  We have done a lot of walking around the museum grounds...  There are some comfy chairs in the gift shop and lots of books about Prescott's local history.  Care to take a break?  I may just sit out here in the gazebo and enjoy this lovely Spring day!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. I love historical places. How great to be there with former residents of that home. Oh, that furniture is to die for!

  2. Thanks for the tour! Love the details and photos and you convinced me to toss around some poppy seed today when the sun comes up :D

  3. The Prescott House is a real step up from the Fort Misery. It's a great looking house. And remembering the wallpaper! That's a good memory! Looks like a beautiful day and what pretty poppies! Wish the gov't would agree on another WPA! {:-D

  4. Sounds like you had lots of fun! Does tiramisu taste like pancakes to you?

  5. Shannon - it was soooooo good!

    Jane - It was fun - and I agree, furnishings were amazing!

    Lee - the poppies were soooo pretty! It was lots of fun to take all the photos, too =) Now to find the time to paint...

    Story - Connie (Lorie's sister) was about 8 or 9 when they lived there, so she remembered quite a bit about the house. It is a fun museum - even more fun when we found out that Lorie and her family had lived in one of the houses. Yeah... maybe a little WPA could help about now.

    Wax Beach - this was 'home made' and absolutely yummy! I had tons of delicious whipped calories and topped with scrumption chocolate. Their cake part is pretty rich. LOL - we all three split one piece and it was enough! Mmmmmm!

    Thanks, Rose - glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Looks like a fun day in the city! I'd love to visit the museum and see those houses! The tiramisu sounds good too!

  7. not worn out at all! enjoyed the tour! How cool that Lorie's former house has become a museum and that she can visit it!

  8. Sharla - it was double yum! We did have a great time. This is such a cool museum!

    Ah, glad you didn't get worn out, Splendid! It was fun to see where Lorie lived. They lived in one quarter of the house when it was a boarding house located on land about three blocks away from the current museum site.

  9. Those petroglyphs are wonderful! I had no idea they were common in Arizona, or at least the part of Arizona where you were visiting.

  10. Judy - there are a LOT of them around here and further north. There were many early Indian settlements in this area. Some were quite large and sometimes they stayed in one place for a long time.

  11. Isn't our home state wonderful?! Thanks for the relaxing trip - I needed to see all of that again - it has been WAY too long since I have visited Prescott. I feel a road trip coming on!

  12. There is a LOT to see in AZ and that's for sure! Let me know if you mosey this way - I know some yummy places to munch ;-)

  13. I love this exhibit! That's great for people to decide what is important and why. Particularly good for children, but I can see you and your friend enjoyed it. {:-D

  14. How fun... Happy Birthday Lorie! Love the petroglyph!
    Your local artist is very talented.

  15. storybeader - Thanks! The whole museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying the history of this area. There are so many neat exhibits that make you think about things we don't usually think about today. Very fun place!

    Pam - we all had a great Lorie birthday ;-) The petroglyphs are really fascinating and Charles has done some really incredible paintings featuring them. Thanks!


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