Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring is everywhere ~ Funtry Friday!

No matter where I look, I see Spring!  Ahhhhhh!

One of my Dad's iris
Lovely flowers are blooming everywhere and the wonderful scent of the irises fill the air!

The weather was soooooo nice tonight, that lots of people came out for the 4th Friday Art Walk - without jackets!

Art Walk night at The Frame & I
New things are popping up everywhere... including in the studio.  Nothing like a brand new paper to try out to make me feel like spring!

bought this at The Art Store *big smile*

And, of course, there are new babies everywhere - including this little cutie who just arrived next door!  Mama and baby are both doing very well.

Lorie's brand new baby goat

Oh, and look what I bought from Lola Hetteen Knudson at the 4th Friday Art Walk ~ a brand new book!

The Magnetic Connection

Can't wait to dive into this - looks like a perfect read for those lazy afternoons when I want to sit on the porch and put my feet up!

What brings "Spring" to your mind?  These are some of the things that remind me of Spring - which just happens to be the April Challenge for the Blogging Business Artisans.  Check out some more spring time fun on Spring is in the Air!

Hope you are having a great Springtime Funtry Friday, too!



  1. The iris is gorgeous and I love the baby goat! Such a cute post :)

  2. A fun walk as always! I still love the baby goat. One of the things that reminds me of spring is the sound of the lawnmower.

  3. goats are so cute! Glad is warming up for you there...sending some Florida sunshine your way :)

  4. Thanks, Kaili! The original iris bulbs were planted by my Dad many, many years ago. We have moved them over and over =)

    Thanks, Rose. haha - I guess it's the same around here. We just have a bit different kinds of lawnmowers ;-)

    Tnaks, Wax Beach - I think it worked! It is lovely out there today =)

  5. How lovely to have weather that is warm enough for an art walk! Did you pick up the new watercolor paper there, too? Happy painting!

  6. Felt like I spent the day with you! ; ) The kid is adorable. Iris are my favorite flower. They're so regal and there are so many varieties. Gorgeous!

  7. It a lovely time of year when the Earth is renewed with beautiful blooms ans new babies!
    New art toys are fun, too!
    I love irises, too. I found some tubers in someone's trash once. No, I didn't root through their trash! They were laying at the curb. They turned out to be a beautiful yellow. I've acquired more since then which of course, have been moved around as they outgrow their original space.
    One of my first flower memories is of irises. They were growing on the side of our house and were taller than me!

  8. Judy - It was beautiful weather for the Art Walk! So nice to get out and not need to bundle up ;-) I had bought the paper from The Art Store by The Frame & I just a few days prior to the Art Walk. Though the stores have different locations, they have the same ownership.

    Awwww - glad you could stroll along with me, Janet! I am hoping to get some more pictures of that adorable (not so!) little baby goat - she is growing fast! Thanks for the comments on the iris - I love them, too!

    I agree, Splendid - so nice after the winter cold! haha!
    New toys ROCK!
    My Dad tossed some of his culled iris bulbs on his compost - where they still are blooming years later!
    What a fun memory!

  9. Awww what a sweet baby goat.
    Sounds like you've been busy!

  10. haha - Spring always seems to equal busy around here, Pam! Thanks =)


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