Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little lessons, gentle nudges... and a 2 by 4

Sometimes all I need is a little lesson.

School House at Sharlot Hall Museum

Sometimes I only need a gentle nudge to stay on track.

Inside the School House at Sharlot Hall Museum

However, sometimes I need a 2 by 4 to get my attention.

How to pack a covered wagon.
This week I showed you a few photos from a recent trip to Sharlot Hall Museum (check out Taking a road trip ~ Funtry Friday! ) and today, I am showing you a few more.  Now what, you might ask, does this cute little wagon have to do with a 2 by 4 - other than the fact that both are made of wood?

Okay, my friend, Lorie, and I saw this cute little wagon, and, after reading the description, we discovered that it was a model of a covered wagon.  Yeah, I know - you have to imagine the "covered" part.  All the little blocks are things you have to decide if you are going to carry all the way across the country in your little wagon.  Kind of a jumbled mess, wasn't it?

Our covered wagon all packed!

We fixed the mess.  And rather quickly, I might add!  Yes, we left both the sofa and the bed behind...  and all the fancy stuff that we thought would get broken.  Ahem.  Yes, we took the whiskey - it was used as an antiseptic and a pain killer - and we hauled along the tobacco to trade for whatever we might need along the way.  Lots of barrels of flour, salt, etc., and seeds, and - well, you get the idea.  We had a lot of fun and it was sooooo easy to decide what we would take and then pack it in our little wagon.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy to do all the time. 

I came home from our outing, walked into my home, and thought about that covered wagon.  Then I thought of people who have homes much smaller than mine.  Then I though of people who have one room in a nursing home.  Or no home at all...

Then I thought about all the "stuff" that I don't need. 

That would be when the 2 by 4 landed across my noggin.  Again.  I keep meaning to take that bag of clothes to St. Vinnie's...  I keep meaning to get that stuff ready for Bookman's...  I keep meaning not to need a 2 by 4 to get me moving...

But some days that is just what it takes. 

Then something that my daughter said came to my mind.  Something about how, when you move, it isn't what you take with you or what you leave behind that is important.  Comfort and security come from your family - from the people, not the things.

Ahhh...  Yes.  *whack*  Nice reminder.  And tomorrow is Monday - my cleaning day.  Just in time!  This time I will take the "stuff" directly to my truck and make sure it gets to those who need it.

And if it's a "what-sit" and I have no clue why I have it, it is finding a new home.

A "no clue what-sit" at Sharlot Hall Museum
Oh, and by the way - both Lorie and I packed the box of pictures in the wagon.  We know that they were family pictures.


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21 NET


  1. Love this...and I love you for taking the whiskey, too. It's SO good in coffee. ;)

  2. Okay, I'm digesting all this before breakfast. Then it's time to de-clutter this little cottage.
    Ouch.....thanks for the inspiration but please don't use the pressure treated 2X4's.
    (whiskey, please)

  3. A great post. I have been trying to declutter & inspire my family to as well. It can be so overwhelming to face all of the STUFF, but it feels so good to give away things you aren't using.

  4. haha - Shannon... Um.... Ya know, I don't remember seeing a little block in the wagon for the coffee...

    LOL - no worries, Jane - the 2x4 is only a matchsitck now...

    Kaili - I totally agree. Facing all the stuff is really hard. However, when I think of how it might benefit others, then it is easier to sort and send it on to help someone else.

  5. excellent post! I am totally there with you!
    The Matthew quote is certainly something to meditate on.

  6. Great message for this week!

  7. You have tapped into my latest project - reduce, reuse, recycle, donate! Our Teen Yard Sale at the church is coming up this week - I will be loading up Baby Truck on Thursday evening! YIPEE!!

  8. Thank you, Splendid! Yes, it is one of my favorite *nudges*!

    Thanks, Rose!

    Way cool, Karin - what a great idea! It is an ongoing project around here, too.

  9. I think we all need a 2x4 some days! I have a hard time leaving the house much to do. But sometimes I need that kick-in-the-pants reminder that there are important people in my life that I need to go spend time with. Work will wait!

  10. Looks like a great fun trip!

  11. Very true, memories! The time she share with people blesses them and blesses us in many unexpected ways.

    Nancy, it was especially fun to share the day with my sister and our friend. I still have a bunch of photos to sort and edit. Who knows - there may be another Sharlot Hall blog post in them somewhere ;-)

  12. Looks like you had a lot of fun. That wagon looks like a good exercize for kids and adults alike.

  13. It was a lot of fun, Pam - lol - we do like to play with toys ;-) I agree - this 'toy' was very informative!


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