Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

Easter... a time to celebrate!
My sister and I in Easter dresses made by our Nana.
Church was always special, but it was even more special on Easter.  There seemed to be an extra helping of Joy on Easter as people saw the message of Christmas completed by the events of Holy Week. 

(I'm the taller one.  Still - haha.)

Traditions... yes!
Pasanky eggs
The first time I saw Pasanky eggs I was drawn to them.  No, I was amazed and I wanted to create some!  I found a class and created these years ago.  One of our current traditions is to color eggs with all of the little ones.  It is usually a big mess and a ton of fun!

My favorite part of Easter?

The Old Rugged Cross

Knowing that Jesus did not stay on the cross. 

Knowing that Jesus did not stay in the tomb. 

Knowing that He is Risen indeed!

Have a blessed Easter celebration,

He is not here, but is risen...
Luke 14:6a


  1. That is just about my favorite hymn too Kathy. And most of the churches have quit using the old hymns, they use video presentations behind the pulpit along with the modern hymns. When I was a child, we rarely used hymnals......we all knew all the words to the favorites. Now our church uses bouncing balls over the words on that video! :(

    I do love your Easter sentiments here!

  2. Happy Easter :)
    Love those eggs!
    My mom's favorite hymn has always been Old Rugged Cross!

  3. Great message and photos for Easter! Your eggs are beautiful. I hope that you're having a great holiday.

  4. Thank you, whyte! I go to a tiny little country church where we use hymnals. There are some new ones in there, but they kept a lot of the lovely older hymns. Hope you had a blessed Easter!

    Thanks, memories! Happy Easter to you, too! It was really fun to make the Pasanky eggs - an amazing process. It's always been a favorite hymn of mine, too.

    Thanks, Rose! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Psanky eggs are incredible - I have seen some with the most incredible and intricate designs. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. Great hymn! I hope you had a great Easter weekend.


  6. We only sing the old hymns and I love that about our church! My Grandpa Howard loved The Old Rugged Cross and it was the only song played at his funeral service. I love the Pysanky and never knew you took a class! I took a class while living in Las Cruces - very interesting Ukranian (is that still even a country?) lady taught us mostly by sight and doing because she didn't speak much English! Her son was attending college there with us and she came along to "help" him - what an adventure that was for her! She had never been out of her country before - what a dedicated Mom! He, on the other hand, did a LOT of eye rolling! HA!

  7. Thanks, Erika - hope you did, too!

    Karin, that is cool! We sing mostly old hymns, too. Wow - I didn't know you took a class, either! I took a class from the granddaughter of a Ukranian woman who had taught her how to make the eggs. Your teacher sounds really fun!

  8. love the "old" photo!
    beautiful eggs!

    wishing you a blessed Easter!

  9. hope you had a wonderful Easter! Cute picture of the two of you! Beautiful eggs!

  10. Thanks, Splendid! LOL - they do qualify as 'old' photos! Hope you had a blessed Easter, too!

    Thanks, Pam! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, too!

  11. Kathy, I love the picture of you when you were little. I remember those days of Easter dresses for Easter Sunday! What memories! And the best ones, as you say, are that we know that Jesus is Risen, He is risen indeed!

  12. Amen, Linda! It was fun to get all dressed up and enjoy our special day at church.


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