Friday, April 13, 2012

Funtry Friday Surprises!

One thing about living in the country - you just never know what your day will be like.  There are a lot of surprises just waiting around the corner!

Good morning!
Waking up with a lovely good morning song is a great way to start a bright sunny Spring day!

baby bunny
You just never know who you might meet around the next corner...

A dozen eggs!
Or what lovely surprises you might find...  Every hen laid an egg today!  Look at all the cool colors.  What fun!

Lunch time floor show...
Life in the country is definitely entertaining.  Bethie's hay scraps are drifting outside of her pen - but she still doesn't want Billie Jane to munch on them.  Bethie did quite a "dance" but I don't think it really had the desired effect.  Billie Jane just kept right on eating!

Spring time Hershey!
Oh!  Oh, this is soooo exciting!  Do you see it?????  Do you?????

Huh?  see what?

Ummm... that Spring-time color peeking out on Hershey's face!  He is starting to shed his winter coat!  *does spring-time happy dance*  Oh, yes!  Time for the warm weather and sun-shiny days!

Never mind that there is a storm forecast for the next couple of days.  Including *snow*... which you did not hear me say on this blog.  Ya know - they have been wrong before...

It could just be another case of the Funtry Friday surprises!

Hope you had fun on your Friday!


  1. Fun stuff! Bethie is good - she should be on Dancin' With the Goats, or whatever that show is called. We are waiting on the rain down here in the Valley - hey, maybe I could borrow Bethie and her Rain Dance?? Good idea - free grass mowing and fertilizing all at once! Yeah - I like that idea! Whadda ya say, Missy - can she come play in the Valley?

  2. Aww, baby bunnies and dancing goats...what more could you ask for!! Thanks for sharing another wonderful Friday.

  3. You have so much fun with your animals! Love the baby bunny.

  4. LOL - Karin, she sure was dancing that day! Hmmm - yep, she will mow the grass really good. You aren't attached to your trees, shrubs or iris are you? She has rather eclectic taste buds....

    Jane - such a cute little critter!

    I do have fun, Rose. Thanks! I think that baby will show up in a painting ;-)

  5. Always fun to read your posts! Hope spring comes and snow stays away for you!

  6. Thanks, memories - she is a goat with a sense of humor ;-)

    Thanks, Pam! It was a little more "spring-y" today!


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