Sunday, April 29, 2012

Care to be inspired?

Nick Vujicic will more than inspire you.  Prepare to have your world rocked. 
I dare you.  Watch the whole video.

And then go check out his website ~ Life Without Limbs.

I had the pleasure of hearing this young man speak a few years ago. Inspiring just doesn't cover it. Don't let the opportunity to meet Nick slip through your fingers. 

Watch it.  Click it.  Do it now!


Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,
but he was born blind so that the acts of God may be revealed
through what happens to him."
John 9: 3-8 NET


  1. I've seen interviews with him before. You are right. He is very inspiring.

  2. I have seen him many times. I feel especially moved when I hear him speak because of Robert - everyone is put on this earth for a season and for a reason. I love to see people live their gifts and both Nick and Robert certainly make us a good long look at how truly blessed we are, how good our Lord is and how to truly "walk the walk" and place all of our trust in Him!

  3. Thanks, luvncrafts! Thanks for dropping by =)

    Thanks, Elizabeth - amazing young man!

    Karin - I saw him speak at Arizona Christian University (used to be called Southwestern College - on East Cactus). Pretty amazing! Amen - People like Nick and Robert can make us stop and think - and help turn our hearts to the Lord and then be moved by His compassion. They truly become His hands and feet!

  4. Very inspiring person, I have watched a few youtube videos of him.

  5. I agree, Pam! He is amazing!


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