Friday, April 6, 2012

Ahhhh.... Spring! Funtry Friday!

Wow - when Spring arrives, it arrives!

Lots of blooms on the trees at the Post Office!

Big green trees and little pretty trees at Safeway!

Yay!  My iris are blooming!

Wish I could say this was mine - it's at the Post Office.

Ahem... these are mine....
It's a riot of color around here and the baby animals are starting to show up, too. 
Baby Longhorns
So glad that it is Spring!  Even the weeds are looking pretty...  Hope you are seeing some lovely Spring sights out your way, too.

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. I have some of those yellow wild flowers in my yard, too! Heehee What I do have, though, are some heirloom iris rhizomes that a friend dug up from her grandmother's homestead! She gave them to me a couple of weeks ago and I planted right away - they are just starting to sprout. I may not get blooms this year, but hopefully they will continue feeding and multiplying for next spring!

  2. Amazing how quickly we go from snow to gorgeous blooms! That yellow stuff looks familiar...I love wildflowers :D

  3. Gorgeous plants! I love seeing the baby animals this time of year.

  4. Wow, Karin! That is soooo cool! What fun. Do you know what color they are? Gee... aren't you fortunate ;-) Lots of little yellow flowers for a spectacular *sneezy* bouquet!

    So true, Lee! I love the wild flowers, too. I have little tiny purple ones and the larger yellow ones. Soon they will be joined by a lot more =)

    Me too, Rose! I saw more younger baby calves, but I was driving over a bridge... There are some places I won't stop! LOL Thank you - glad you enjoyed the pretty plants.

    Thanks, Pam! It was fun to see all the colors.

  5. Gorgeous! I am so excited to see your photos. M & I dream of one day living in the country.

  6. Thank you! It is a lovely place to live, Nancy!

  7. Love Spring! We always go to the tulip farm in the springtime. They have acres and acres of tulips in every color imaginable! Cool! Thanks for your version of Spring in your neck of the woods!

  8. Wow - that sounds fun, Linda! How beautiful!


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