Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow Day for Funtry Friday!

The first part of this week I had some real weather!  I got up Sunday I saw this out the window ~

Winter Wonderland
I watched Hershey lick the ice and snow off the poles for a while.  Totally not sure what that was all about!

Hershey and Billie Jane
Then I decided this could just stay the way it was.

Spring thaw will take care of this.
I wandered around and discovered I have company under the shed again.  At least it is a rabbit instead of a skunk this time.

Lots of little rabbit tracks

After all of that I decided to play in the snow.  I didn't want to make a snowman... So I made a snow horse.

Snow Horse or Snow Dog?
Okay - from this angle it looks like a Springer Spaniel to me.  Hey - I paint.  Sculpture is not my strong artistic point!

So what does it look like now?  Well, I am happy to report that this ~

Icy Chicken Coop
... now looks like this ~

Summery Chicken Coop
Okay, so the grass really didn't grow there that fast.  I dug up some grass from where it doesn't belong and put it in the chicken coop for the chickens to munch.  Yay!  It was finally warm enough to get some yard work done!  That made for a very happy Funtry Friday!

Hope you had a Happy Funtry Friday, too!


  1. That's how it was here this week too! First snow then sun and 60 degree weather the next day!

  2. You got lots more snow than we did! I didn't even get enough for a good snowball ;-)
    It was like a slushie...
    Nice and sunny yesterday and the kids are on Spring Break!

  3. Wow, of course I saw the grass first then your words. Another Twilight Zone moment from your yard! No skunk, what a disappointment.

  4. I looks like a photograph from a far-off land.... oh, it is! Beautiful! Guess Hershey was thirsty. And I like the idea about the transplanted grass. What I nice mommy! {:-D

  5. Wow! Snow to Spring almost overnight! I'm loving the green grass already at our house!

  6. I'm glad that your snow didn't last too long! Thanks for the fun tour.

  7. We had rain and hail down here in the Valley but a friend at work got caught in the mess coming home from Prescott on Sunday. Good idea you had to transplant the grass for the girls - I am still toying with the idea of chickens, but you know who thinks I'm nuts and hasn't gotten on board with it yet. BTW - I am now the proud owner of a new to me baby truck! I saw yours and thought I would share that news!

  8. Linda, it was a crazy weather week - that's spring for you!

    Lee - it was perfect snowball snow! Have fun with the kids!

    LOL - Jane, the skunk was 'okay' but the rabbit won't spray the dogs... haha - There's some place besides the twilight zone?

    Thanks, story - by now the chickens have uprooted all the grass. Oh well, they like to eat it fresh or dry.

    memories - I am about to start letting the horses out to much down the 'lawn'. Once this snow really settles in, the grass will come up fast.

    Me too, Rose! Glad you enjoyed the tour =)

    Yay, Karin! What fun! I am enjoying my baby truck - it can park in some tighter places. Great for town travel =) Gets pretty good mileage, too. haha - the chickens dug up all the grass, but I thought they might do that. They will still eat it. They are lots of fun and with a large coop and fenced area, they wouldn't need to 'roam'. I have chicken wire over the top of mine to keep the chickens in and the hawks out. Hope you know who has a change of mind!

  9. Wow! I can't believe you had this snow while we had temps in the 70s and 80s. The weather patterns have been strange lately!

  10. haha - Judy, it's in the 60s today but will be in the 70s by the end of the week. The joke around here is: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change!"

  11. I guess there's some appeal in getting one last snow! long as it melts as quickly as it did!

  12. You really got a lot of snow. It's so pretty. One of the things I love about AZ is it all melts very soon. Love your blog!

  13. True, Nancy! And here, the snow rarely lasts until the next day ;-)

    Thanks, Debbie! I agree - it's fun to see, pretty to take pictures, and delightful when it melts quickly! LOL!

  14. Brrrr your snow was beautiful, but glad it all melted for you, enjoy the warmer weather!

  15. It was pretty, Pam - but I am delighted to have the warmer weather here! Yay!


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