Monday, March 5, 2012

The next time you cut your hair...

"Sleepy Day"
For some, getting a haircut is a frequent occurrence. 

For others of us, we wait.  Procrastinate.  Put it up.  Grab a pony holder.  Think about getting it cut. Search for another unbroken claw clip.  Think about where to get it cut.  Tuck it under a hat.  Wonder how fast we can get it cut.  Procrastinate.  Ask the neighbor to cut it.

Then we toss the hair in the trash can with a deep *sigh* and a happy *ahhhhh*.  Short hair!

Guess which kind of a hair cutter I am?

I have been thinking about getting my hair cut again.  It has, after all, been several years.  Oh, I have had a few trims in there, but no short hair cuts.  This time, when I get my hair cut, however, I am going to do things a little differently.

Okay.  It will still involve scissors.  But this time I will have the deep *sigh* and the happy *ahhhhh*  because I am not going to toss the hair in the trash can.  Did you know that you can donate your hair to help people... well, without hair?  Check this out!

Locks of Love helps financially disadvantaged children who have permanent or long term hair loss due to different medical conditions.  The wigs are donated or sold on a sliding fee scale.  Most of the children have alopecia areata.

Beautiful Lengths is a program from the Pantene company.  According to their website:  "The role of Pantene is to help women grow long, strong, beautiful hair and provide the funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer."  So far Pantene has donated 18,000 wigs to the American Cancer Society wig banks.

Wigs 4 Kids primary focus is on children with cancer, though they also help other young people who have hair loss due to such things as alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus, hydrocephalus, and burns.  They are based in Michigan and serve the youth in that state.

Wigs for Kids also helps children who have hair loss from a variety of circumstances by providing a custom made human hair prosthesis.  They are a nationwide organization.

Each one of these organizations collects hair and then sends the hair to different companies who construct a custom made wig to fit the person.  Most of them can be worn while swimming, doing sports, and they can't be tipped off like a hat.  Hey - that's important to a girl in junior high.  Think about it. 

Check out the web sites for more details of how to cut your hair, ship it, and how the different wigs are constructed.  They all have different requirements for length as well as how the hair is shipped.  Some of them even have lists of participating salons who will cut your hair and take care of shipping it.

So, next time you think about cutting off an extra 8 to 12 inches of hair, think about putting it to good use, too!



  1. I have done this MANY times! I am blessed (?) with a lot of hair that grows really fast. Unfortunately, it is baby fine, but apparently the wig people like it! Weird. Good post - it is great to remind folks that they can help in this way - donating something that would ordinarily go in the trash!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! I have long hair but I don't like short hair on me so I don't cut off that much but one day I just might surprise myself for a good cause!

  3. I have short hair, but some of my grandchildren have done this! It's a wonderful cause.

  4. These are all wonderful causes! I've only heard of Locks of Love, but I'm glad to know there are others out there.

  5. My hair doesn't grow fast enough to provide that 12", but I think this is a wonderful idea.

  6. I never cut my hair, and hardly ever HAVE it cut. But I can relate to the junior high student, whose hair falls off in class. That happened to me! {:-D

  7. I am terrible about getting myself to a salon for a trim. What a great idea that you have to share your hair.


  8. I have a friend who has been growing her hair long & cutting it short to donate to locks of love for years! I, however, seem to not be able to get my hair as long as hers. One day when I'm ready for really short hair I will do it too!

  9. I've always thought this should be required by salons. Recycling at its best! ; ) I haven't had 8 inches to cut though in years. If I let my hair grow that long it would be the horrible 70's again when we all wore it straight and parted down the middle... mine was so fine.. ugh! Great post!

  10. Thanks for the great information about this! I know a handful of people who have donated before. If I ever grow my hair out again, I will seriously consider donating.

  11. Wow, Karin - that's cool! I didn't know you had done that before. Yay! Mikayla and Naomi donated hair to Locks of Love last year.

    Sharla - Locks of Love will take shorter cuts of hair - they can sell it to raise money for their expenses.

    Thanks, Linda! I agree =)

    memories - I had only heard of Locks of Love, too, and I was delighted to find that there were other organizations doing similar things.

    Fabric - I'm not sure mine will either, but some only require 8 inches and Locks of Love will take any length. If it's too short, they sell it.

    Yikes, Deb! Not fun...

    Me, too, Erika - nice thing about donating hair is that it doesn't have to be cut at a salon as long as the directions on the website are followed. =)

    Nancy - wow! Seems like lots of people have been doing this for quite a while. I was glad to see that some of the groups could use a bit shorter hair as I have a hard time growing really long hair.

    Thanks, Janet! Would be nice if the salons had a sign letting people know that they could do that - I bet more people would donate hair then.

    You are welcome, Rose! Thanks =)

  12. I wish I knew about them 15 years ago, I had hair half way down my back... But had to chop it to less than shoulder length as it gave me horrible headaches. only get an inch cut off now!

    Wonderful cause!

  13. Wow, Pam - that's a LOT of hair! I have heard of really long hair causing headaches. I just found out about these opportunities recently, but I guess it has been done for many years. I agree - it's a nice opportunity to help people and easy to do, too.


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