Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homeschooling - what's really up!

Sometimes I have what I think is a great idea for a blog post. Then, as I do a little research or talk to someone, my idea takes on a life of its own and heads down a different path.

I had this great idea for a blog post about homeschooling from a little different angle.  Instead of offering hints to the homeschooling parents, I wanted to find out what people outside the immediate family could do to help homeschooling families.  I started cruising the great WWW and looking for some homeschooling sites. 

Half hour later, I did the sensible thing.  I called my daughter, Cynthia, who homeschools two out of three of their children while entertaining the third who is not quite old enough for school.  Yeah.  Homeschooling Mama loves me!  She juggled carrots with the toddler, questions from the olders, and wandered around the WWW to point me to some great homeschooling sites.

And I learned a lot.

Things like kid squashing weren’t on her list of things she wanted.  Hey, I was just offering to babysit and kid squash…  Quote: “Getting my children squashed is not in the top ten.”  Guess I’ll have to stop sitting on them.
However, there was one big thing was on her list.

“Schoolroom.  I want one!”  Homeschool runneth over… everywhere.  Having one location for all of the school supplies really is helpful.

She also told me that she “wished that people would recognize the stereotypes of homeschool.”

What stereotypes?

How about a few big ones: 
  • First, people need to realize that the desire to homeschool is not always religiously motivated. 
  • Second, some children are quiet because they have quiet personalities not because they are homeschooled.  Children’s individual personalities are allowed to flourish in the homeschool environment.
  • Third, homeschooled children are not unsocialized.  They often are involved in lots of group activities like homeschool groups and clubs, church groups, Parks and Recreation classes, Little League, etc., etc., etc...
Did she have some ‘pearls of wisdom’ for those considering homeschooling?  Yes, she did!
  • It’s okay to be ‘not all together’ – you don’t have to be super mom (or dad) to homeschool!
  • Homeschool, she said, is not much more different than helping children with homework in the evening.
  • Quote:  “I’m not a supermom for doing this!”
We talked a little bit about homeschooling multiple children while watching one or more younger child.  Cynthia said that different families handle that in many different ways.  She has created five activity boxes for Sophia (the two year old) with things that she can play with only during school.

For encouragement, inspiration, and ideas, Cynthia travels through these blogs and websites:

Pinterest also has lots of homeschool activities – just search ‘homeschool’ and a bunch of things will pop right up.

I found some interesting homeschool sites, too, which have information on almost every aspect of homeschooling.

How about I turn over the blog, now, to a past 'homeschoolee' and let him give you a few last words…


“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6


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  2. Kathleen.......I must tell you how the Lord has used you and your blog to answer a prayer. As you know my grand is living with us and we have been praying about homeschooling and if it would be the right thing to do. Just last night my dh and I had prayer and ask the lord to lead us in the right direction on this, as we had no idea where to even start. And i wake up this morning and find your blog post. Thank you.

  3. Great idea for a post! This will be a valuable resource for parents who homeschool as well as those considering it.

  4. I like how you point out how there are activities for homeschooled children to get out and be social.
    We had a couple of families that homeschooled their children while I was in school and they came to the school for certain classes. They blended in well with everyone else like they were part of the class all day long :)

  5. Thank you, jhopes - I'm glad you enjoyed this.

    Wow, Kim - that is totally a "God thing" because originally I had a completely different post planned. I just kept feeling the nudge to write about homeschooling because I have seen the way that Mikayla and Naomi have flourished. Miss M (at 8 and a half) has read all of the Narnia books, Little Women, most of the Nancy Drew mysteries, and tons more. Miss N has had similar progress and has a very social and outgoing personality. Well - I could go on and on! LOL - I say GO FOR IT! Give it a bit of time to get into the groove and see what happens! God bless!

    Thanks, Rose! The homeschooling experience is a very rich and rewarding one.

    Thanks, memories! Yes, all afterschool activities are usually open to any age appropriate student whether they attend the school or not. I included just a tiny list - there are MANY activities, organizations, sports, and groups that are open to all children.

  6. I think homeschooling is a wonderful thing - especially nowadays. Anyway, I won't ramble, but will tell you about a website I use all the time - - wonderful resources!

  7. Wow, thanks, Karin! I passed that site on to Cynthia - it's great!

  8. We did not homes school our son, but we considered it at one point. We have friends who have home schooled their children, and nearly all of them report that as their kids grow older, something very interesting happens: the kids start taking over the learning process, setting their own priorities about what they want to learn. This is great! I think it's highly desirable for kids to grow into young adults who are self-learners.

  9. Judy, that happens a lot with homeschooled kids. Also, being able to learn at their own rate helps them to enjoy learning more. There are a lot of advantages to homeschool!

    Thanks, Pam - it was fun to learn some more about homeschool and to share it.

  10. I have grands who are home-schooled and they are not a bit unsocial! They take music at a conservatory, swimming at the parks and rec pool, have events with other homeschool children, have church activities, and generally have more friends that other kids that I meet. yes, "unsocial" is a myth!

  11. Totally true, Linda! My grands do the parks and rec swimming, too - as well as homeschool groups, church stuff, AWANA, and they also have other times they get together with friends. Naturally quiet kids still tend to be more quiet - but definitely not unsocial!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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