Friday, March 2, 2012

A Funtry Friday Horse Show!

We went to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show last Friday and it was tons of fun!  I'm moving this Funtry Friday slightly south to the big city - but I bet with all these horses you will still think you are having a lot of country fun!

This was the first time I had ever been to this horse show and I have to say I was amazed.  It was huge, ran for two weeks, and had every event you could imagine.  Here we are all settled in to watch the sidesaddle competition. 

After watching this, Mikayla announced that she thought it was very pretty, but she wanted to straddle the horse not ride side saddle. Riding sidesaddle takes a lot of training and talent. You have to learn to use one leg and a riding crop to give all your leg cues to the horse. I have a feeling that just might tax my coordination...

Care to join us for some English pleasure competition?

Needless to say, all the horses were beautiful and it was lots of fun to watch each horse and rider complete the intricate patterns on the field.

Remember, I said variety!  Step over here, and you can watch the Western Reining.

This time they were doing a pattern that contains everything you would do when roping calves.  The sliding stops were amazing and so were the turns on their hindquarters - first one way and then the other with only a little pause between directions.  Made me dizzy to watch them!

Look this way and you can see some Hunter Jumping.

This was a timed event with several entrants.  We had lots of fun watching these graceful horse and rider teams run the pattern and make their jumps.

After watching these events and more, we walked through the tents full of all kinds of horsey items.  I never saw so much Cowgirl Bling flashing sparklies everywhere in my life!  I'm pretty sure they didn't need lights in those tents...  Really!

Well, finally it was time for us to head home, so the tired crew piled in the van.

Dusty, full of fun, and loving every minute of it!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Oh how I miss the days when I would go to horse shows, as a spectator of course. In fact, I just missed the Red Hill Horse Trials here in Tallahassee. For shame, for shame!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  2. It looks like a really fun day for everyone in the family. Your children seem tuckered out, which is good for a quiet ride home.

  3. The jumping competitions and barrel races are fun to watch at the rodeos near our home :)

  4. sounds like a lot of fun. Two whole weeks! wow! Gives everyone a chance to come out! {:-D

  5. It looks like a great day!

  6. You are welcome, Jane! I had never been to a horse show this large *wow* It was lots of fun.

    FabricFascination - I think we were all a bit tired, but we certainly had a lot of fun.

    memories - they had working cow and cutting as well as reining, but not all on the day and time that we were there. I haven't watched barrel races since Cynthia was in 4H - what fun that you can see them locally.

    story - there were so many different events and all levels of competition. It was amazing! There were several arenas going all the time. It's a huge show.

    It was lots of fun, Rose!

  7. Looks like a very fun time! Beautiful horses:)

  8. Thanks, Nancy - it was fun. The horses were all beautiful! They were all Arabian and Arabian-cross.

  9. Looks like you all had a really fun time. I have been to a few rodeos with some horses, lots of fun.

  10. We did have fun, Pam. I have been to a few rodeos, too - Prescott is home to the world's oldest rodeo (or so they say!) which has been running in the same place. This was the first time a saw a horse show this big. Wow!


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