Friday, March 30, 2012

Funtry Friday and the Missy-terious Happenings...

Pal, here - since Missy has gone to Texas, wees goin' to do tha bloggin' today.  And eyes...

No, no. no. naw, NO!  Missy did not goes to Texas.  She has an awfuls icky-sicky which has gives her a taxus rashus.  Lotses and lotses of hoomanbeans gets it arounds this times of year.  She's gone to get it fixed.

Billie Jane
Before breakfast?????  Eye-yi-yi!  *races off to look for the missing Missy*

I'll nosey around heres and sees what I can finds out...  I did sees her with a big pile of stuff, but it didn't looks like hay....  She was shovin' it in the truck.

It's the dreaded Taxus Rashus!  Oh no, oh no, oh no... Whats we goin' ta do 'bout this?  Pooooor Missy!


Calm.  Be calm.  (for one things, you is disturbing my nap) And for another things, everythings is under controls...  Seeeee?  I has my EYE on Missy.  It's not the Taxus Rashes... it's the 'rushes taxes'...  Whatever that means *yawn* it always goes aways almosts as fasts as it happens.  So go takes a naps and waits.  Missy will be her regular selfs by dinner!

Okay, finished up the taxes *finally*... why do I always wait and then have to rush *rolls eyes... now what was next on my list?  Oh, yeah - blogging.  Hmmmm.... should I blog about not waiting so long to do taxes and having to rash rush around like crazy to get them done...  Hmmmm....

Happy Funtry Friday,
(aka Missy)


  1. Texas sounds much more fun than taxes...but they're a necessary evil :)
    Glad the "kids" found you :)

  2. Yay! Glad you got em done! Doesn't it feel great?

  3. Well, memories, they know I HAVE to show up for dinner! LOL - or I will certainly hear about it later!

    Totally, Lee - dropped them off with my 'tax guy' to finish up. *whew* Now I can paint!

  4. haha, too cute!! yeah I got to get mine done too, my guy is so slow! I give him my info and he takes his sweet time, lol!

  5. I do ours and, um, yeah - maybe next weekend? Sigh.

  6. Some very perceptive critters in this household!

  7. pink - my tax guy is pretty fast - I'm the pokey one. Darn!

    Hey, Karin - it's not April *yet*! LOL

    Indeed, Jane - they take good care of me ;-)

  8. LOL Cute! Glad you finished your taxes!


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