Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down to the details, sparkles and signature - all done!

 After several interruptions *ahem* Sharla's fun paintings are finally all finished!


Many thanks to Sharla of Beaded Tail for letting me do these paintings of her darling fur babies!  (And for her patience when I had some delays, too.)  It was so fun to have Isabella, Angel, and Sadie keep me company while I was painting.  What precious furries!

When I paint in watercolor, I like to keep most of my brush strokes soft and loose - however, the faces need a lot of detail.  Some of the detail comes from using darker paint to draw your attention to things like the eyes.  You will note that I said 'darker paint'.  Contrary to the appearance of these painting, there is no black paint on any of them.  In fact, there is no black paint on my palette.  In my blog post, No room for black on my palette,  I explain how I mix 'chromatic black' which gives a much richer color than using a tube of black paint. 

As a finishing touch, I also like to use gouache (an opaque watercolor) to add a little 'sparkle'.  Here you have a 'before and after' of Sadie.  On the left you see the finished painting and on the right you see the painting before I added a few little highlights.

Adding a little gouache.

The effect is very subtle, but it really makes a difference - especially in person.  It's really fun to add the gouache on animals because it can be used to highlight little bits of hair - of which they have a lot.

Large areas of white are actually the unpainted watercolor paper.  For these paintings I used a fairly bright white paper which also adds a nice reflective quality to all the colors.  Light bounces off of the paper and through the transparent watercolor.  That's what makes watercolors glow.

Well, what do you think of these little paintings? 

hmmmm  *taps chin* now I wonder what little critter I will paint next...

Happy creating!


  1. I think your paintings are beautiful and Sharla is one luck lady! I can see a bit of diff in the gouache, it seems the left one is a little brighter and dances a bit.

  2. I LOVE them! You captured their personalities. Ladye would be very proud, too!

  3. It's so fun to hear your process and I can't wait to see them in person! Thank you so much for painting my furbabies for me!

  4. Thanks, whyte! That little bit of gouache does really bring the paintings 'to life', I think. Nice to see you here - hope all is well with you!

    Thank you, Karin! Okay. You made me cry =p Mom never saw any of my recent watercolor paintings because I started painting again about a year and a half after she passed away. We had some good times - art and otherwise!

  5. Sharla - you are soooo welcome! It was my pleasure! Thank you!!!

  6. Beautiful paintings! Indeed, their personalities shine through.

  7. These turned out beautifully!!! The detail is just amazing! I know Sharla is going to really cherish these!

  8. These are wonderful. You are a true artist. Such talent to make such beauty come off the end of a brush.

  9. These are absolutely amazing Kathy! I think you've given them all so much life and personality true to their own! Your discussion on highlighting reminded me of my drawing prof. in college. He used to come around and whisper, "be parsimonious" to us when we had the white chalk in hand;)

  10. You did a beautiful job! I know that Sharla will be really pleased with seeing her furry ones in this light.

  11. These are so wonderful1 You captured them perfectly!! I knew immediately that they are Isabella, Angel, and Sadie!

  12. Thank you, Jane!

    Thank you luvncrafts!

    memories - thank you so much!

    Thank you, Kim - I praise the Lord that He has given me this gift and I love to bless others with it =)

    Thank you, Nancy! Very wise advice from your prof ;-)

    Thank you, Rose! It was fun to paint the furries I have followed for so long =)

    Thank you, Splendid! I really feel like I know Isabella, Angel and Sadie from following Sharla's blog - painting these was really fun!

  13. Those are absolutely stunning. You captured them perfectly. I'm very impressed.

  14. Wow! I am really impressed with how the personality of the animals comes through. These turned out beautifully!

  15. These are beautiful and I know Sharla will love them!!

  16. These are all just beautiful! :) I especially love the one you did of Angel. She looks like such a pretty cat! That's interesting about not using any black - I had been pretty sure it was black! :) I love seeing these paintings you do - I still love the one you did of my Kolar! :)

  17. Thank you so much, Jenny!

    Judy - thank you! They all do have a lot of personality!

    Erika - Thank you! I hope she likes them as much in person =)

    Awwww - thank you, K 'n K! I sooooo enjoyed painting Kolar - such a sweetie and he looks so much like my little Critter =) Nope - no black on Kolar either! The black paint out of the tube is a bit dull and flat in contrast to the black that is mixed from colors on the palette.

  18. I'm like you, I feel like I know them from seeing them on Sharla's blog. You did a very nice job and I wish I could see them in person.!

  19. Thank you so much, Linda! Glad you enjoyed them!


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