Friday, February 10, 2012

What's fun this Friday? Funtry Friday, of course!

I love my bread maker!  I have had this baby since almost forever and it works great.  I have a few favorite recipes that I make with great regularity.  Ummm.... if you know me well, then you know that I really should stick to the recipes...

For some reason, this week I decided to *experiment* a little bit.  Just a little, mind you, however, it was apparently enough... 
Do you think this is how "The Blob" got its start?

No worries.  I caught and annihilated the creeping varmint before it covered the kitchen in gooey dough...  Ahem.  Apparently that was too much yeast to add in that little recipe change... 

Made for a very interesting meal, though...

A far safer thing for me to do is to amble on down to my favorite art store, The Art Store, and find some new ***toys***!  Since The Art Store is moving, they are having a huge sale.  Ahhhh.... a sale on art supplies *big smile*

There is some serious play time happening soon!

Look!  A real portfolio for my original artwork!  Oh, yeah!  I'm going to really enjoy using that.  I haven't used the Stonehenge paper before, but I admit that I have looked at it several times.  Now it's time to play with it and see what all I can do with it.  I do know what I can do with the Bateman paper - that is ***wonderful*** for ink work and great for pencil, too.  It will even take a light wash.  I like that it has a "crisp" surface and the ink doesn't bleed.

In addition to these fun purchases, a friend sent me some samples of a lovely watercolor paper that is cream.  I have an idea that is running around in my mind to try with this yummy paper.  So sweet of her to share!

Speaking of sharing, here's a ***fantastic sight*** that I had to share with you!

ummmm...  what?  You don't know what that is?  It's goat hair.  More specifically, it is goat hair in the very-early-start-of-the-beginning-stages-of-shedding!!!  huh?  Well, the *literal translation* is:  Spring is just around the corner! 

Take that, groundhogs.  Bested by a goat.

Hope you had a great week and a very Funtry Friday!


  1. I'm one that has to stick to the recipe too!
    Fun new toys...I :)
    Yay for Spring being just around the corner!!!

  2. Ahhh - nice to know I am not alone ;-)
    Totally looking forward to playing! heehee - with my *toys*!
    Looks like tomorrow is bringing a little spring shower - time to play, er stay, inside!

  3. That is why I don't change recipes since I would have a blob take over the kitchen! Yay for supplies on sale! Love the goat prediction on spring too!

  4. Looks like you had fun at The Art Store! We lose ours more recently, and there is nothing else in our area like it. Sigh. No Dick Blick, either.

  5. I love my bread machine!! But I'm scared to deviate from the recipes -- "don't want no blobs in my kitchen!"
    You'll have to share your shedding stories and pics with us once the season gets going!!

  6. Thanks, Sharla! Yes... I will definitely think twice before bouncing off the top of my breadmaker again *lol* haha - Billie Jane is shedding, too *happy spring dance*

    So sad, Judy! Glad there is a lot available online. I really like shopping in person best because I like to see and test stuff before I buy it.

    LOL - Sarah - I am going to try to avoid any more *blob-u-lar* creations! I am watching all those fun signs of spring and will share the warmth!

  7. Glad your creation turned out ok lol I have never used a bread maker but they look like they would be good to have!

    Looks like you have some great finds at the art store! Have fun!

    Spring... Bet your happy. It's been like spring here almost since Christmas... We are so spoiled this year!

  8. Pam, I really like my bread maker! It is soooo handy =)
    Always fun for me to go shopping at the art store - haha!
    Yes, I am looking forward to some warmer weather. Hope your lovely weather keeps up for you!


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