Friday, February 3, 2012

Whatcha do for country fun on a Funtry Friday? Lots of cool stuff!

How do we have fun in the country?  Well, first you start off your Funtry Friday with a beautiful sunrise.  Is there a better sight to see first thing in the morning?!

Then you enjoy some early morning company.  It's an extra blessing if they have a beautiful song to share.  And gusto and enthusiasm counts even more!

Guinea Choir
Then take an unplanned drive out to the woods for a walk and on the way go sightseeing...

Are we in a SciFi movie?
Looks like the space shuttle could launch from here...  "Mission Control... T minus 10 and counting...."

Area 42?
This is way out in the middle of nowhere... sort of... Well, since we knock around out here on all of these dirt roads, it really doesn't feel like the middle of nowhere to us.  But it isn't a launch site and it isn't any weird area whatever - it's a cement plant.  And those little trucks in the picture?  Those are huge trucks.  LOL - this place is gianormous.  One good thing, though.  You can see it for miles and miles and miles... and miles.  No way anybody can get turned around out there now...

Speaking of turning around... it's time to head back home.

Beautiful evening clouds!
Lots of times we start the days out here with a beautiful sunrise, and then in the afternoon and early evening the clouds roll in and tempt us to believe that it will rain.  Time to race out there and feed all the critters - oh! and gather up the eggs, too.

Pretty colored eggs!
No green eggs because I think Christmas has decided to retire from laying eggs.  Well, at 15 she is entitled to a vacation!  But look at all those pretty shades of brown eggs - and now I have two hens that lay white eggs.  And look at all the interesting shapes and sizes, too.  I love fresh eggs!  They are so pretty.

The last of today's eggs.
Fresh out of the laying box... and covered with a little bit of hay.  You can really see the different shapes of theses eggs.  The bottom one even has a big dent in it - totally not sure how that happened! 

Well, time to go wash up those eggs and call it a night.  Hope you had a fun Friday wherever you are.  There's always some country fun happening around here on Funtry Friday!



  1. Beautiful sunrise! The views of the cement plant are giving me the chills. I still watch the Twilight Zone. Love your photos & how you write.

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun!
    Wow! still laying eggs at almost 15!
    lovely sunrise!
    At least the cement plant can serve as a land marker.

  3. I bet when that choir starts singing you wake up whether you want to or not!!

  4. Grrrr! I just wrote a comment then lost it! Here goes again! Today is Saturday and we went for a walk too. We got in the car and went to a local state park within the city. It's wonderful when people have the foresight to preserve areas for parks for future generations, so they cannot be built upon and enjoyed by everyone! We had a great walk in a forested area, not far from our home.

    P.S. I love the Guiena Choir

  5. Great shots Kathy! Had a sunrise like that here yesterday :D Love the guineas...

  6. Thanks, Pam! I love sharing the fun =)

    Thanks, Jane! LOL - that place is HUGE. We drove out quite a ways from it, and it was totally still visible. I hear you can see it all the way to Jerome!

    Splendid - the plant is a very good point of reference. Handy out there since the roads wind around a lot. Well, Christmas hasn't laid an egg since last summer, but at her age, she's entitled to retire from laying eggs!

    That is absolutely true, Kim! LOL - and they roost right outside my bedroom window ;-) Good alarm!

    Linda, that sounds beautiful! Thanks - I really enjoy the guineas =)

    Thanks, Lee! We have some spectacular sunsets and sunrises out here. Glad you like the guineas =) There really are five, but one was shy this morning.

  7. What a beautiful sunrise! And the eggs are fun to see in all the different shapes and sizes!

  8. Thanks, Erika - The fresh eggs are so neat - and unique.

    Thanks, memories - we have some spectacular sunsets and sunrises out here. Having the variety of eggs is lots of fun!


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