Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What to do with the *whoops!*

We've all had it happen.... It sounded like a great idea... you invested some time... and now... ummm....  it turned out *ughly* with a capital *UGH*!  Well, this little project will come to your rescue.  Not only that, but you will probably have so much fun doing this that you will create some art specifically for this project.

First, cut your artwork into strips.  These strips are all cut about the same width and they are all cut straight.  One fun thing about this project is that you can cut your strips any way you like.

I have taken two pieces of black and white stamped art cards and cut one into vertical strips and one into horizontal strips.  I like to keep life simple.  Sometimes...

Cut the pieces.
Begin weaving the pieces of paper together in an over and under way.  Push the pieces together so they will stay in place.  You can keep them very even, trim them to size later, or decide to let the edges be uneven.

Weave the pieces together.
Once you have the paper pieces woven to the size that you want it to be, it's time to make sure it doesn't come apart.

 Add a paper backing to woven paper.  Here is a green backing which sort of peaks through the holes in the weaving.  It's fun to use a color backing if you leave a little more space in the weaving for the color to show through.  You can also use a plain paper on the back or a transparent paper (like tissue paper) on the front for a different effect.  I used matte medium to glue the solid paper to the woven paper pieces.

Want some color?
The sky is the limit!  Use some colored prints, drawings, or paintings for your strips and you will have a completely different look.  Keeping the colors light and the patterns simple will let the details show up on your finished artwork better than if you use bold colors or strong patterns in your paper weaving.

Go wild and crazy!
Now you are ready to paint, draw or whatever on your woven piece of paper.  You can also cut the woven paper into shapes for collage or add collage elements on top of the woven paper. 

Well, that's just a few ides for some fun things you can do with the next *whoops* artwork that accidentally comes your way.  This is definitely a lot more fun than the shredder....

Happy Creating!


  1. Very clever Kathy! I always have plenty of whoops to use so thanks for the ideas!

  2. That looks neat. Have never done paper weaving before myself. Might have to give it a try some time.

  3. Great idea! I never know what to do with those.

  4. love it! great idea! Will look forward to my next mistake. I work in a notebook, so maybe I can fold my mistake back into the book! {:-D

  5. Fun! this could keep me away from the shredder...

  6. Very cool idea and I have lots of whoops, even have an idea for a wall display.

  7. This would be a fun idea for all those paper scraps I'm hoarding :)

  8. Sounds fun! It reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to love weaving!

  9. It is fun, Linda - and it does remind me of weaving projects we did long ago, too!

    memories - It would be a great use for any paper scraps. Paper weaving can be done in any size and with any kind of paper!

    Fun, Marlene! Looking forward to see your wall display ;-)

    haha! Lee, sometimes I just keep thinking... "I need to use that...somehow..." LOL - this is a great way ;-)

    story - that's a great idea! You can do paper weaving with any kind of paper or mix of papers! =)

    Jenny, it's a very fun way to use up all kinds of little *whoops* projects, leftover paper, and just fun odds and ends.

    Thanks, Splendid!!!

    It's a lot of fun, Angi! Enjoy!

    Thanks, Beaded! and you are welcome! I think we all have a little stack of *whoops* stuff... somewhere...

  10. Kathy you are a clever one, and I sure got lots of whoopsies I can use for this haha!

  11. Great idea for re-purposing a project that didn't turn out the way you planned!

  12. Great idea Kathy! I remember out painting proff used to make us cut up practice work and rearrange them to paint from. I loved doing that!

  13. Have fun, Pink! Just think of all that *upcyling*!

    Thanks, Pam - it is fun =)

    Thanks, Rose!

    Nancy - that sounds like a fun idea, too!

  14. Wow! Shades of school days - I had forgotten all about how much fun that was! Didn't Mr. Salmon maake us all cut up a drawing and rearrange it - or was that my college art teacher......whatever - it is still a cool thing to do and I am going to use it with my kids at Wednesday night church class!

  15. Great idea, Karin! Sounds like fun. Mr. Salmon came up with soooo many cool projects - I still have some of them!


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