Monday, February 13, 2012

A portfolio, A Huge Chicken, and An Egg on the Floor

I am really happy with my new Itoya Art Profolio from The Art Store.  Yay!  That was a happy shopping trip.  At last, a nice safe place for my original artwork!
Itoya Art Profolio
Not only is it archival and safe for my original watercolor paintings, it is also very professional in appearance.  Happy me!  and, happy artwork... Here are some old favorites...
Percy and Bellator
...and some you may have not seen before!
Talk to the Tail and Ready to Run

Here is another original painting of mine that you may not have seen before.
This is one BIG Chicken!
Like the snazzy red frame?  Oh, speaking of the frame... it's also framed by a whole bunch of other artwork in the same snazzy red frame.  Or, rather it was framed by a whole bunch of other artwork.  This 2 foot-ish by 4 foot-ish painting was part of The Art Store ceiling.  Since they are moving to a new location, the ceiling had to be repainted... to look like a regular old boring ceiling.  This is (was) probably one of the biggest paintings I have ever finished.  LOL - I really do like to paint small!

How small?  This little original acrylic painting is 1/12 doll house scale.

Fresh Eggs
And that is close to the smallest painting that I have done.  But not the smallest!

I am really looking forward to visiting my local art store in their new location.  Wonder what they will do with the ceiling there....

Do you have a local art store?  Shop local and support them!

Happy creating!

PS Oh, yes - and one of the employees painted an egg on the floor below this chicken.  You should have seen the customer reactions!


  1. It's a great looking portfolio. How many pages? We don't have a local art store, but there is a local frame shop! A little expensive, but when the Museum needs artwork matted and framed, we patronize them {:-D

  2. Nice! That is a totally worthwhile investment. Enjoy it! And what a cute little tiny painting:)

  3. I took an architectural history class in college and would think that something magical was hidden in portfolios. And now you have one!

    And I like the horse with blanket painting. I am ready to run as well.

    Artful Rising

  4. story - there are 24 double sided pages. There were some loose leaf ones, too, but they were much more expensive. This is just the right size for me =) Custom framing is usually more expensive no matter where you are. Nice to support local businesses!

    Thanks, Nancy! I'm glad to have my originals where I can show them to people =) It was fun to do that tiny little painting.

    Erika - Sounds like a great class - yay for your own portfolio! I did "Ready to Run" as part of the Virtual pARTy blog fun =)

  5. Ha ha! The egg on the floor sounds awesome!
    enjoyed seeing some of your paintings we haven't seen before!

  6. What fun to get to see such a mix of your work...from big to small :)

  7. Splendid - it was really funny! People walked around it because they thought it was a juicy mess! LOL!
    Thanks - glad you enjoyed my artwork =)

    Thanks, memories! Guess my art is full of surprises - even for me! LOL

  8. Beautiful Artwork... Glad you found a nice portfolio!

  9. Thanks, Pam! It was fun to paint something different. I really like my new portfolio - it's working out great!

  10. Your portfolio reminds me of my sketch book. I would like to have a portfolio, someday, but for now, my sketch book---bound like a book with a black cover--is where I sketch and keep my pencil and charcoal drawings. Thanks for letting us see some of your other work, not yet seen before!

    Oh and I would have loved to see the egg on the floor! Creative!!!

  11. Thanks, Linda - I will have to go digging for a photo of the egg. I know I have one somewhere... Because they are in the process of moving, the egg - and the chicken - are both gone now. I'm not sure which went first ;-)
    Your sketch book sounds really cool!


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