Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make it special, fun, and unique!

I stood in the card aisle reading wedding card after wedding card... and nothing, absolutely nothing, appealed to me.  At all.  Sooooo... I decided to create something handmade, unique and especially for the happy wedding couple.

First, I took a look at some of my creative *toys*.
pretty papers!
Then I decided what papers I wanted to use.
handmade paper and watercolor paper with a deckle edge
I wanted to do a little watercolor painting for the front of the card, but I didn't want a hard edge on the paper.  I wanted a deckle edge.  Here's a quick trick to create a deckle edge on watercolor paper.  This will also work on almost any heavy paper.

create a deckle edge on watercolor paper
Place your paper face down on a firm, flat, stable surface.  Place a ruler, preferably with a metal edge or a metal ruler, on top of the back side of the paper.  Firmly hold the ruler in place.  Firmly grasp the edge of the and tear it against the side of the ruler.  The deckle you create will look great from the front, though it will be a bit rough on the back side.

Here's what the finished painting looks like...
original watercolor painting
Now it's time to assemble all the little pieces.
archival double stick tape
I used an archival double stick tape that I got at The Art Store.  I like this professional grade tape that is used in the picture framing industry because it is very thin and easy to apply.  It also is easy to remove if I get it where I don't want it.  Yes I did and no, I removed it, so you can't see it.

Wow - Look! a very fun one of a kind card!
a beautiful handmade card
Include a hand written message on the inside, and you have a unique, one of a kind, very special gift!
add your personal message
Check out the little package included in there - cute, huh!  Toss out the plain old gift card holder or money envelope and create something special.  This is a small piece of handmade paper that I folded over to make an envelope.  I added two heart stickers just for fun and made it a little more personal by writing "Enjoy!" on the outside.

Voila!  I am much happier with this than with any of the commercial greeting cards that I saw - and I had a lot more fun creating this card especially for the happy couple!

Next time you need a card for someone, try something special, fun, and unique!   Happy creating!



  1. Your card is beautiful and unique! I love the heart design.

    I'm attending a wedding shower in a couple weeks and made a card myself. I'll have to share it at some point.

  2. Thanks, Rose! Looking forward to seeing your card!

  3. What a great card...the happy couple will be so lucky to receive it!
    I never go card shopping anymore...they're all handmade :)

  4. I like that fuzzy paper. I never see that at the store--is that something I have to pick up at a scrapbook store? I am probably just not looking in the right place.

    Gorgeous card!

    Artful Rising

  5. memories - I think I am hooked on making handmade cards now =) It's fun to make something unique and personal.

    Erika - Thanks - it is a lovely paper. It's from the Black Ink Paper Co. (GPC Papers),
    Check with an art store that has a supply of handmade papers. This one is from India.

  6. What a sweet card! The couple will cherish it forever.

  7. A lovely card and handwritten greeting. This one is a keeper.

  8. How cute Kathy! I'm sure the couple will love your beautiful work:)

  9. I always wondered how to get that deckle edge and keep it straight! duh... Thanks for showing us. Love the heart card - me thinks I need to practice painting more!

  10. Thanks, Judy!

    Thanks, FabricFascination!

    Thanks, Nancy!

    You are welcome, Janet! Have fun =)

  11. It turned out beautiful, bet they will love it!


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