Friday, February 24, 2012

How does a chicken eat spaghetti? But first - Funtry Friday!

Happy Funtry Friday!  Come on - let's take a stroll through the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary - otherwise known as our local zoo! 

This is a really cool zoo because all of their animals have been rescued.  The history of some of their rescued animals is on their web page and there are also signs on most of the exhibits that tell about the animals.  At the bottom of this sign we found out that Monsoon was rescued from a swimming pool in Phoenix.
Monsoon the Grey Fox
Monsoon was busy hiding behind some bushes...

This is a hawk that couldn't be released into the wild after rehabilitation.  You can see where this beautiful bird's left wing is damaged.

Red Hawk
I love watching the big cats!  Sassy is fairly new to the zoo - she is really pretty!

Sassy the Mountain Lion

I didn't see Abbey, who was the resident Mountain Lion since 1990, but you can read her story on the Heritage Park Zoo website.  She was so tame that she would come up to the edge of her cage, look at you, and purr.

 This little, er big, guy is a fairly new resident, too!

Talk about a ham!  This alpaca just kept posing and posing and posing!

Huh?  What does all this have to do with chickens eating spaghetti?  Well, let's wander back to the home zoo and feed the chickens the leftovers from lunch and you'll see. 

Did you ever watch a chicken eat spaghetti?  It's hysterical!  They suck the spaghetti down the same way people do... except they don't slurp.  Maybe it has to do with the beak...

My sister donated her lunch leftovers - Hey, Mary!  The chickens say "Thanks!"

Hope you enjoyed your little Funtry Friday tour of the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary - and my little home zoo!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. I just loved the trip to the zoo!!! Thanks for inviting me to go.......hahaha!

  2. I never ever thought about a chicken eating spaghetti! You guys have a lot of time out there in the country, lol. It's a thought that will never leave my head. How about a movie of it? Too hilarious! Rofl.

  3. know, my Auny Mary always talks about giving her chicken's left overs, but I never actually thought what it would look like in action! Too funny.

  4. The fox is beautiful! I love that all of these animals are rescued! I wish all mountain lions were in zoos...we have them running wild in our area...scary!
    I had no idea chickens ate leftovers...too funny!

  5. Thanks for this little tour! That is too funny about the spaghetti.

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the zoo!

    Lol glad the chickens enjoy the spaghetti!

  7. I remember my Grandma having me help her take leftovers out to the chickens - not that there were many leftovers in that house! HA! They are little little goats - hers even snagged stuff from our hand if we weren't paying attention - I think the funniest was a piece of licorice I had and held too low. One of the girls grabbed it and two of them carried it off and then they all pecked and poked at it. I wanted to give them each a piece of their own but Grandma said they most likely would not eat it. She was right - Captain (her beagle) came along and snapped it up!

  8. Anytime, Kim! Thank ;-)

    Wax Beach - LOL - Never thought to take a movie - haha Chickens will eat just about everything. Except ants. Or anything that stings...

    hehe - Nancy, gooey things are really funny, too.

    memories - yeah, I wish the 'cats' ran farther away. Fortunately ours stay mostly up in the hills *whew*
    I have fed chickens ALL kinds of scraps - they seem to like just about everything!

    Thanks, Rose! and you are welcome =) I love to share some of the fun things around here.

    It was fun, Pam!

    haha - Karin - that is too funny about the licorice! That's one thing I haven't tossed to the chickens! LOL

  9. wow I want to give that alpaca a big hug!

  10. Jenny - we would have loved to play with that critter, too!


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