Sunday, February 19, 2012

Accomplishing the impossible.

NOT an orphan!
Sometimes life presents us with a task that seems impossible to accomplish.  A task so large that we despair of making any progress at all.

There are as many as 163,000,000 orphans in the world – some estimates put it at over 200,000,000. 

Behind each one of those numbers is a child.  A child who does not have a family to care for them.  Many of these children were welcomed into loving families who were delighted when they were born.  Then something happened.  HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of abandoned and orphaned children in many countries.  Drought, wars, famine, poverty – many things contribute to the rising number of orphans who need homes.   

Are these children all in nice clean orphanages?  No.  Some as young as two years old are on the street fighting for what little food they can find.  Some are taking care of younger children when they become an ‘orphan family’. Many are sibling groups of varying ages.  Some are in nice clean orphanages, but some are in institutions that would make you sick if you were to know the details.

Every country on the map faces the problem that sometimes children become orphans.  Relatives, group homes, orphanages, institutions, governments and international organizations have ideas, possible solutions, disastrous responses, and, sometimes, successful programs to help these children.

One solution is to protect a child before they become an orphan. 

World Vision International has many local programs that provide community assistance to families.  Through donations and/or child sponsorship they provide AIDS awareness education, treatment for HIV/AIDS, clean water wells, food, emergency supplies and more.  People like Nomsa volunteer their time to become part of the solution in their own country. 

Sponsorship of a child through World Vision International helps to insure that a child does not become an orphan by providing needed water, food, clothing, education, and medical care - sometimes to the entire village.  85% of all World Vision funds in 2011 went directly to their projects.

Another approach is to facilitate national and international adoption. 

If adoption is not a feasible option for you, there are still many things you can do.  You can share information about adoption with others and you can support those who are in the process of adopting.  Like Shannon and her family who are currently waiting for that special message to pack their bags and travel.  Find out how you can help them on her blog, Baruch’s Lullaby, where you can peek at their sweet family and get all the news about their soon-to-be newest members.

Supporting adoptive parents doesn’t end when they arrive home with their new family member(s).  Hang around and prepare to cook a few meals, make some visits and, in my case, pass around a few (((hugs))) including some to my little adopted granddaughter. 
Yes, I let her play with the fifty-five
(seventy-five?) year old tea set!

Or maybe I will take pictures of her being silly - and remember how hard it was to get her to laugh a year ago when we welcomed her home.

Sometimes the steps to accomplishing the impossible are simpler than you think.


Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me..."
Mark 9:37a


  1. Thanks for sharing that important message.

  2. What a difference a year can make!!! Thank you for sharing this very important message.

  3. So very true, Cynthia!!! It is an incredible difference! Thank you for starting us on this adventure called *adoption* - and showing me this "very important message" in the first place!

  4. Thank you, Jenny! It's so important to keep our focus and realize that changes can be made - one child at a time.

  5. Thank you, Jane! One that needs to be shared often - for their sakes.

  6. What a lovely post. I have an adopted granddaughter too. So precious.

  7. Sophia's so sweet!
    adoption is very important! Your message is so true.
    There are several adopted kids in out neighborhood. Friends' daughter has adopted a couple kids, one with a medical condition. (After surgeries he seems to be doing very well!) She has now taken in 2 kids, hoping their mother gets rehabilitated. (She's in drug rehab now.)
    Our neighbors went to Kazkhstan to adopt their son. They first had to spend a month there. Then after a few weeks, his mom went back to get him. arduous process.

  8. Very cool, FabricFasicination! Adoption is so different - but they are all so precious!

    Thanks, Splendid! It is a long process and every country is different.

  9. Awww Sophia is adorable and looks so happy! Great post!

  10. I like the idea of protecting a child before they become an orphan... But what an adorable little girl you have. You are all blessed! {:-D

  11. Thanks, Pam! She is a litte princess ;-) with a fiesty side! LOL

    story - I like the idea of protecting children, too. World Vision employs new technologies including satellite photos to watch for areas of potential future famines. They can help local residents by providing clean water wells, instructing dry farming methods, and other ways to prevent or lessen a famine.
    Sophia is adorable and has quite a little personality! We are blessed to have her in our family!

  12. Sophia is so sweet! I went back and read your other posts about her -- what a lovely child. She is truly a blessing to your family.

  13. You are right about some deplorable orphanages. Our neice, who has four adopted children, recently had her life threatened for trying to help children in one of those orphanages. You can follow some of her story in this blog:

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Adorable little one:) This is such an important concept- thanks for writing about it Kathy!

  15. Thank you memories! Indeed that smile does say it all!!! Looking back to her first pictures and looking at her now - it's like seeing two different children.

    Linda - thank you so much for sharing your neice's blog! I'm a follower there now.

    Thank you, Nancy! and you are welcome!

  16. She is a super-cutie! Enjoy her, they grow up fast!

  17. Thanks, Wax Beach! They all do grow up soooo fast - so important to treasure all the 'little moments' along the way!

  18. Kathy!! I am so late in seeing this, but thank you sooo much! Your support blesses us immensely!


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