Friday, January 6, 2012

On the 12th Day of Christmas... in the Funtry Friday zone!

I once led an entire Girl Scout Brownie Troop in singing this song *a capella* and it has never been quite the same for me since then...  Nor have I ever led any singing anywhere, for which, I am sure, there are many grateful (now adult) Brownies!

I still enjoy the song and often find myself humming it during the Christmas season all the way to the 12th Day of Christmas.  I would tell you exactly when that is, but I would have to resort to math.  Not happening!

But, in honor of Epiphany (the day that celebrates the coming of the wise men to worship Jesus) which finishes the 12 Days of Christmas ( somewhere close to this date), here is my Funtry Friday version of this beloved ballad.  Once again, it will never be quite the same... but at least you can't hear me singing!

On the 12th Day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...

12-ish Chickens pecking...
11 Bales of hay...
10 1 Bunny bouncing (looks like 10!)
9 Cans of grain...

8 Grumpy goat looks...
7 Days of ice...
6 Sacks of feed...

5 Guineas singing...

4 Critters playing...
3 naps a day...
2 muddy shoes...

And a Greyhound in a water bucket!

Happy Epiphany!
Hope you enjoyed your 12 days after Christmas.


  1. We love the country version of that song! What a fun way to get muddy paws by getting your feet wet before running in the dirt! Brilliant!


  2. Love your version and your sense of humor! Happy Epiphany...a day late!

  3. Giggling - you are right this song will never be the same. Will always remember, "5 Guinea Hens"

  4. too cute! look at all those awesome critters!

  5. Thanks, Jane!

    Gotcha grabs keyboard... Woofers, Sadie! I was runnin' so fast I had to cool off me feets. It does makes lots of the nicest mudddds you ever saw!
    =<,,>= Gotcha

    Thanks, Rose!

    Thanks, Graceful! Aha! and thanks for doing the math for me ;-)

    LOL - Marlene, I think the same will be true for me!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, Lee!!!

    Thanks, Betty! Glad you enjoyed the fun and all the critter antics ;-)

  6. all those animals around! Must be exciting! I love the greyhound halfway in the barrel! {:-D

  7. This may be the best version I've heard yet :)

  8. Very cute - I would love to hear the guineas singing (ala Miss Piggy - 5 Golden Guineas!) (and remember, I have heard you sing girlfriend!) and to whom does the lovely greyhound belong? What a sweetie! I would love to rescue a greyhound but don't have enough running room and too many kitties!

  9. I love your version of this song!

  10. Your version is better than the original! :-)

  11. Thanks, story! Both of them love to stand in the water. Very funny to see them both crowded in that bucket =p

    Thanks, memories - glad you enjoyed it =)

    haha, Karin - I sound about the same singing as I did way back then ;-) The greyhound belongs to Cynthia - they have two of them =) Yes. The kitties would be your biggest problem, though some adoptable greyhounds are listed as cat friendly. Tim and Cynthia have a small yard and it's enough for when the couch potatoes run... but theirs are more cat *interested* not friendly =p

    Thanks, Sher!

    haha! Thanks, art2cee2!

  12. Glad I went back to earlier posts so I didn't miss this one!! Hysterical! Love the greyhound!

  13. Thanks, Sarah! Both of the greyhounds love to stand in the water - very funny to see them try to get all four legs in there... LOL

  14. You are so funny! This is awesome! Love the greyhound too! Been on vacation--actually still on vacation--but was doiing some blog reading! Glad I did! You gave me a great chuckle!!!

  15. Glad you enjoyed our version of this song ;-) Thanks! Have a great vacation!

  16. Thanks, Splendid - glad it made you smile!

  17. Thanks, Pam =) It was fun to do!


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