Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh, yay! Look what's happening in my studio!

I have followed Sharla's Beaded Tail blog for a long time.  Her critter *tails* and strolls with Sadie are soooo much fun!  Sharla donates a portion of all of her sales from her lovely shop on Etsy, Beaded Tail, to animal charities.  She was able to donate almost $900 last year!  WOW!  Congrats to Sharla and the charities!

So what does all of that have to do with what's happening in my studio?  Well, I am honored to be selected by Sharla to do a portrait of each of her delightful furries! 



Sadie got to be first and here she is with some splashes of color where here darkest darks are...

I love the photo of Sadie that Sharla sent me.  Sadie has such a wonderful personality and it really looks like she is grinning.  Quite often when I am painting animals, I will work on the eyes first.  I like to capture the expression there which really determines the entire "feel" for the painting.  See?  I think her eyes are smiling!

Sadie is a Husky and in this photo you can see some of that great Husky color showing up.  I will bet that there was a cookie on the other side of the camera when Sharla took this picture!  She is definitely grinning.

To see photographs of these precious critters and to find out more about Sharla and what she does to help animals, visit her blog, Beaded Tail.  Bet you will find yourself strolling over there on a regular basis!

Stroll back here, too, and watch the progress on these three adorable furries.  I'm sure that Isabella and Angel will catch up to Sadie pretty quickly!



  1. I'm loving these Kathy! I can't wait to see how they turn out! Thank you so much!

  2. Wonderful pieces. I definitely see their spirits coming through.

  3. Off to an excellent start! I'll be watching for updates :-)

  4. Kathy, these are wonderful! You are so very talented and I know Sharla will be teary eyed when she receives them.

  5. Kathy, you are just sooooo talented! These are awesome! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  6. Wow...that's Sadie alright! What beautiful pieces! Can't wait to see the finished products.

  7. Oh how fun! I love to see these come together! :) Great work so far, I can see the light in this dog's eyes!

  8. Thanks, Shannon =)

    Thank you so much, Sharla! I am really enjoying doing these!

    Awww - thank you, Jane =)

    Thank you, Lee! I will be keeping you all posted.

    Awww - Thanks, Erika =) That's sweet!

    Thanks, Linda - I appreciate the compliment!

    Thank you, Nancy! She is really fun to paint =)

    Thanks, K! Delighted that you enjoyed seeing the progress =D

  9. Wow! I LOVE seeing your works in process! You are capturing Sadie's spirit, for sure!

  10. Your sketches so far are great! And Sadie really looks beautiful!

  11. Oh my gosh...what a fun project! Sadie is coming along awesome! And you're right...she's has a great personality that you're capturing!
    Can't wait to see them all done!

  12. Thank you, Splendid - Sadie has a LOT of personality!

    Thanks, Pam! She is a really pretty girl =)

    memories - Thank you! It's been fun to follow their adventures on Sharla's blog - and lots of fun to be painting their portraits =)

  13. These are wonderful representations of Sharla's pets. I really enjoyed the progression you showed with Sadie.

  14. Thanks, Judy! Hope to have some more posted soon =)


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