Friday, January 20, 2012

Looking back, looking forward... Funtry Friday!

Wow - there was so much crazy busy-ness at the end of 2011, that I am still trying to get caught up in 2012.  Here's a little look back over the last couple of weeks so you can see what Country Fun I have been having...

I watched the pets for my daughter and her family while they were traveling.  The Phoenix Greyhounds were *brrrr*shiver*cold* up here.  Sooo.... can't quite call this "hogging" the heater... how about "dogging" the heater.  Glory and Gotcha have an entire room, but they both wanted to huddle up to the heat dish.  So much so, that Glory has her foot on top of Gotcha.

I had way too much fun cleaning the rat cage.  Do you like the little sculpture I created here?  Chip did!

Here she is taking a break from playing in the maze.  Food was more interesting once it arrived.  Chip is a Hairless Rat.  Yes, I know - but I think she is cute.

We had some cold, icy, foggy days.  Brrrrrrr!  Check out the ice all over Billie Jane.  Hershey was covered with ice, too, but it shows up more on the redhead.  Funny thing was, all the ice was on this side of her - with nothing on the other side.  Go figure...

Cynthia and the girls came up to gather all their pets and take them home.  Of course, the girls wanted to do chores with Grammy, so Mama stayed long enough for them to do that.  Here they are taking turns feeding Bethie her grain.  They all, I might add, braved a very cold wind, too!

Today, in my rearview mirror, I was looking back at the cool 1940s grain mill that is part of Olsen's Grain.  I made a stop here to get some hay, salt, and, well - some grain.  Have to keep all the critters, happy around here.

And what am I looking forward to now? 

A little studio time! 

Yay and yes!  The bookkeeping is done for a while, the errands have been run, stuff stowed and stored so time for some more fun.  Tomorrow I will put a pot of soup on to cook and then grab my paint brushes. 

Hope you all have a fun day, too!


  1. Looks like you've been having quite the fun time with all the critters! Hope you get some warmer weather and time for creating soon :)

  2. Fun post. The hairless rat is "cute" in her own way. She did put a grin on my face. The girls are adorable and growing fast! (glad to have my comment box back)

  3. I just love sharing all your fun times.

  4. What wonderful times. Sure wish I lived closer so I could help too. No sweaters for the greyhounds? How about a little stole for Chip.

  5. Looks like you had fun pet-sitting :)
    I could send some of Harley's fur so you can make a little coat for Chip...LOL :)

  6. Thanks, Pam! It's really cold today - but that makes it a great day to stay inside and paint!

    Marlene, all the girls are growing so fast! Sophia is about to loose her "baby look", too... Chip has a lot of personality and she really likes people to pet her.

    Thanks, Kim - glad you enjoy your visits.

    haha - Jane, it would be fun to see a little stole on Chip... for the three nano-seconds before she whipped it off and carted into her cave for bedding! LOL I think the dogs were dreaming about their Phoenix summers as they lay by the heater...

    memories - it was LOTS of fun! haha - could you send me some teeny tiny knitting needles, too?

  7. Thanks for sharing all your activities, critters and fun!

  8. Crazy busy indeed! Here in Phoenix it has been equally crazy. Is it not considered cruel and unusual punishment to make us warm Valley dwellers spend more than a day up there in the lower arctic? BBBRRR!!! Poor Glory and Gotcha! As for Chip being "cute" - wellllll....... But the grandkids are ADORABLE and growing WAY too fast!

  9. Thanks, Lee! Glad you enjoyed my recent adventures =)

    LOL - And to think, Karin, they all had to endure two weeks of the cold! I agree - The girls are really growing up sooooo fast! Seems like just yesterday...

  10. By now you've had that soup and painted with your brushes.
    You had quite a group of animals at your house. Poor Phoenix doggies! The weather must have been a bit of a shock.
    I think chip is rather cute, too! I hope she appreciates the lovely sculpture work!
    glad you got some fun feeding time in with the cute grandkids!

  11. Thanks, Splendid! Yummy soup, not enough painting time... is there ever enough? lol - and it was fun to play with all the critters and the girls =) Chip enjoyed the de-construction as much as I enjoyed the construction ;-)

  12. What a menagerie :-) Dogs will always try to squeeze in together - it's hilarious!

  13. Cute pics of all the animals. I grew up on a ranch, and had a couple horses. Wouldn't I love to have a horse now!

    Hope you'll drop by my blog too. I'm also a member of CAST.

  14. Christine - so true - you should have seen them both in the water barrel! LOL

    Thanks, Heather - Hope you get another horse one day! I enjoy mine sooooo much! It's fun to have all the animals around - really blesses me to interact with God's creation.

  15. what a bunch for company! I've never seen a hairless rat - very weird. Hope Hershey wasn't cold - it's a beautiful photo! {:-D

  16. story - both the horses have a lovely fuzzy coat to protect them from the brrrr cold! LOL - the hairless rats are really fun - their little feet look like hands and they like to interact with people and can even be trained to do tricks.


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