Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow. *Attitude Adjustment* ~~~SNOW!!!~~~

Well, we finally got a fairly good snow dump here.  Yep, this is what I woke up to yesterday morning ~

Oh, yeah, and then there was this...

LOL - so much for tossing the wood for the morning on the porch!  Ahem.  Usually it is nice and dry up here... but not yesterday.  Yep, time to turn up the gas heat...

And let me tell you it was ****COLD**** out there....  Whoa - brrrrr!  Bethie and I share the same opinion of snow and cold, I think...

Yes.  I was mean.  I lured her out with a carrot.  Well, I really did give her the carrot, so that's not so mean, right?  I think once she got out there, she didn't quite know what to do.  She has a typical goat reaction to weather.  Give me sunshine or go away! 

Now talk about a different attitude...  Benny has just the right attitude when it comes to snow.

No, I did not lure him out with a carrot.  He was happily hopping around while it was snowing all over him.  Benny bounces all over the place and has a good attitude everyday - snow, sunshine, rain - well, unless it is pouring buckets...  Then he hides.

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking I need to cultivate a "Benny attitude" about this cold winter weather and find some ways to enjoy it... 

Well, my attitude adjustment must have worked since I was standing out there taking pictures while it was snowing... until my camera started to freeze!  LOL! 

Happy snow!

"...for the joy of the Lord is your strength."
Nehemiah 8:10b


  1. Yes.......a Benny atitude would serve us all well!

  2. memories - haha - I would really love the snow, if it was just a bit warmer out there! LOL

    Kim - totally! He is a lot of fun =)

  3. How Pretty! I am inside because it's ccccold here - no snow though :(

  4. I'm so NOT ready for snow. You can have it.

    We're supposed to get alot, hoping for snow days from work.

  5. Okay, please tell me Forrest isn't a wimp when it comes to snow. Benny is my idol!

  6. Looks cold, I'm with Bethie - give me sunshine. Still trying to wrap my head around snow That far south. You must live at a high altitude?

  7. nice photos Kathy! I love seeing all your cute little critters :-D
    I'd rather have your snow than the crappy rain we've been getting the last few days!

  8. I am definitely a goat--I want sunshine!! Though your photos are cute:)

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  9. Sure beautiful and serene from here. : )

  10. Oh I love the pictures! I am eagerly looking forward to snow here! But I do think I need to work on a "Benny attitude" as well. :)

  11. "What's sa matter chew, Lewis . . ah . . . Kathleen?" I like the snow! Wish we had more here, but my hubby doesn't!!! Here's hoping that you will warm up!

  12. Lee - I think it's wwwwinter! LOL - I'll share my snow with you ;-)

    Pam - I am working on that! It is both cold and windy today and I am staying inside as much as possible.

    Linda B. - Fortunately we don't get a lot of snow constantly and it usually does melt before the next storm comes through. Hope your weather is good!

    LOL - Jane, Forrest is right out there with Benny. She doesn't mind the snow at all. Pal, on the other hand, stays where it is warm and dry.

    Marlene - it's about 3500 feet here in what is referred to as a "high desert". We get a bit of snow usually in Dec. - Feb., but it isn't nearly as much as Flagstaff which is 6000 feet. Even Prescott (50 min. south of me and a little bit higher in elevation) gets more snow.

    LOL - trade you, Pink! As long as you have no thunder and lightning with that rain! LOL

    hehe - Erika, I think I am mostly goat, too ;-)

    Janet - it really is. The snow makes everything look so sparkly and pretty. The trees were gorgeous with the snow on them.

    K. Joy - the Benny attitude sure makes any weather more fun!


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