Friday, December 2, 2011

The relative size of a kitten... Funtry Friday!

If you have been owned by a cat, you know that a cat - any cat - has a... well... a rather large opinion of their place in the universe.  Best not to argue that either...  A cat is convinced that they are the size of an elephant.  At least.  Perhaps larger, depending on the circumstance... 

And what does a kitten think?  Exactly the same thing...

Sizing up the "competition"...

Prepare to launch!

One down!  Only about a dozen more to go...

Ahhhh.... the rooster!

***shhhhhh*** he doesn't see me...


Yep.  This little kitten has the "catitude" and that's for sure! 

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. OhhhH!! I want to see the "after" pictures, though!! Adorable kitty...

  2. What fun to watch :) And what a cutie!
    Harley things he's 10 ft. tall too! Little dogs always seem to think they're so tough!

  3. How sweet. Happy ending I presume. Is the little one a new member to your family?

  4. Fantastic story! Thanks for the smiles! If we could only all have the self confidence of that kitten!

  5. OHHHHHH why did you stop? What happened next?

    Such fun, down on the farm!

  6. Thanks, Shannon! LOL - no contest. The Catitude always wins ;-)

    Totally true, memories! Little dogs have big barks!

    You are welcome, Marlene - glad you enjoyed this!

    Jane - this little sweetie and her mama both live next door. And, yes - very happy ending. Satisfactory chase with no feathers or fur flying!

    Thanks, Sue - they are so fun to put together =)

    True, Laurie - but perhaps a tiny bit more awareness of our size... LOL!

    Thanks, Lee!

    hahaha - Kim, there are no more pictures because there was a mad dash behind the shed and by the time they got to the other side, kitten had found something more interesting and chickens had fogotten that they were chased
    ;-) It is lots of fun!

  7. cute little kitten! fun series of photos!

  8. Thanks, Splendid - she is a very fun ball of fluff!


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