Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Funtry Friday Christmas Sing-a-long ~ Paulden Style!

Care to join me for a little country Christmas fun? 

Last Sunday some of the churches in the community got together and had a sing-a-long at the fire station/community center to help out the Paulden food bank.  "Bring a can of food and join the fun" was the invitation and lots of people grabbed some goodies and came prepared to sing.

First we had a high tech power point sing-a-long.  We "Wish-ed You a Merry Christmas" way more than 3X because first we sang it in English and then in Spanish.  And then we "Rudolf-ed" and "Frosty-ed the Snowman" and a few others... in both Spanish and English, too.  Pretty cool to have the words up on the wall... for those of us who can only remember half of the first verse...

After all that singing, we needed a break sooo...

In typical country fashion, there was a TON of food.  I can guarantee that no calorie was left out of that gathering!  There was everything from popcorn balls to every kind of chocolate creation you could imagine.  Hey, country boys like to eat and country mamas like to cook - and they all out did themselves.  There are no pictures of the food.  Everyone was too busy eating...

But look at the cute mistletoe that I got.  Lorie and her grandkids picked it fresh, tied on the ribbons, and sold them to raise money for the food bank.  I bought one for me and one for my sister.   (shhhh!  my sister doesn't know that yet!)

And then it was time for the kids to do their program.  What can I say?  Kids are always cute when they do these things...

There you have the Angel holding baby Jesus - who, by the way was a real little baby not a doll.  And "no crying he made"... or poopy mess, either.  Miracles do still happen!  That was also proved by the unpredictable little drummer boy, who did drum very well and followed directions.  The darling little lamb even kept her costume on for the entire performance.  (My friend, Lorie, made the lamb costume - isn't it cute?)  It's hard to see from my lousy photograph, but the little girl in the wheelchair on the left is the star that shone over the manger.  She had a really cute costume, too. 

And, yes, the people in front of me enjoyed the kids, too.  If I cut out their heads out of the picture, you couldn't have seen the manger...

Chade took better pictures than I did...  when he wasn't munching goodies.  Here's a funky picture of him taking a picture of the kid's choir.

He had his big mega name camera with him.  And it takes pictures in the dark...  Anyway, I was too busy singing.  Yes, off key sometimes, but I got a few notes right! 

Hey, I was told to bring food for the food bank and have fun - nobody said I had to sing like an opera star - haha!  Hope you had fun joining me at our little Christmas sing-a-long.  I think it's time to "Deck the halls with boughs of holly...."

Merry Christmas!


  1. I definitely missed a wonderful evening. So nice to know community spirit still lives in this crazy world.

  2. What a fun time! The kids were so cute - love the lamb! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening!

  3. What a fun community event! Watching the kids program was always my favorite :)

  4. sounds like a close-knit community. What a fun way to spend the evening with your neighbors. Love the mistletoe - we have it in the trees... URGH! {:-D

  5. Jane - It was fun - and it was nice to see so many people get together at one time.

    Beaded - it is lots of fun to watch the kids. Some of the kids choir singers had outstanding voices!

    memories - the kids worked really hard on their little program. It was fun to see how excited they were.

    story - people here tend to kind of 'do their own thing' but when someone needs help, people come togther to help. This time, it was the food bank that needed the help! LOL - yes, a few trees were liberated from the mistletoe...

  6. Sounds wonderful! And no crying and no poopies! Sounds silly but not to those who have to clean up I'm sure.

  7. haha - totally, Sher! Nothing quite so surprising as a cranky baby Jesus! He was a happy and cute little addition ;-)

  8. Looks like a fun night for you all. What a great reason to get together and fund raise!

  9. They did really well, too! Thanks, Pam!


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