Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giveaway creativity - 5 steps to a great blog giveaway!

Warm up your blog readers with a great giveaway this winter.  Here are some hints to 'break the ice' and have a successful giveaway!
  1. Keep your focus:  Why are you having a giveaway?  reader love?  special happening in your life?  do you want more followers?  or do you want people to sign up to receive your newsletter?  Some other reason?  If you have a clear focus of why you are having your giveaway, then you can determine what you want your readers to do to participate and you can clearly share the "why and how to" of participating in your giveaway.
  2. Keep it simple:  Treasure hunts can be fun, but most people don't have the time time to spend 30 minutes participating in a giveaway.  To get lots of participation, keep your giveaway simple and, if possible, keep your readers on your blog or direct them to your website, facebook, twitter, etc, with a link.  "Leave a comment", "follow my blog and comment", "sign up for my email" - all of these can be done quickly and without leaving your blog.  Provide a link to your website, facebook, twitter, etc. to make it simple for your reader to negotiate internet travel.
  3. Keep it fun: Your giveaway *widget* may be gorgeous, but is it a *one size fits all*?  To reach a broader "audience", toss a little variety in your giveaway.  Offer a selection of items, and let the reader choose.  Or offer a custom item that you will make *just for that person*.  Remind your readers, that your lovely *widget* would make a beautiful gift for someone special.  Let your reader actively participate in the choice of what they will win, and you will attract more participants! 
  4. Keep it interesting:  Have several posts during your giveaway with updates on what's happening.  Plan to let people play for about a week, and let them participate in your giveaway on more than one post.  Yes, I know, you will have a little more work to do and a bit more to keep track of, but your readers will have the chance to interact with you several times and they will be reading new blog posts each time.  Less than a week, and your readers may not have enough time to participate.  More than a week and your readers may begin to loose interest.
  5. Keep it *stellar*:  When you have a giveaway, give away your best.  After all, your readers give you their time, comments, and blogger *love* - sharing your best with them lets them know how special they are!  Here's what Katlyn won in my last giveaway:
It was fun to create this little doggie portrait of Kolar especially for her!

Want to see another fun giveaway?  Check out the current Blogging Business Artisans' giveaway for December.  It ends, December 20, 2011, but here are some details:   This awesome little giveaway has several very fun items included, clear directions on how to particpate, links are all included and clearly labeled, and it is designed to be lots fun.  There are several ways you can participate, which is another fun element to add to a giveaway.  That lets your readers decided what they want to do and how they want to participate.  Check it out soon because this giveaway ends December 20, 2011!!!

So, how about you?  Have you thought about having a giveaway?  Did you recently have one?  Was this information helpful?  Share some details in the comments! 


PS  No matter what gift I feature in a giveaway, there is always a gift that is far more precious... the Lord!
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and  cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."  James 1:17


  1. These are great tips! I have been having a once-a-month giveaway during October, November and December in one of my shops to reward current-month buyers. I did not announce it on my blog, but I probably should have. It's in my shop announcement, however, right beneath my banner.

  2. Those are wonderful tips Kathy! I just love that portrait of Kolar! :)

  3. great advice. I'll have to remember this! Thanks for adding the BBArtisans' giveaway! It ends Dec. 20th!

  4. Judy - If you write them up on your blog, you might get some additional traffic to your shop from your blog, too =) Could be a win/win and maybe some more sales!

    Thanks, Sharla! Glad that you liked the tips - and darling little Kolar! ;-)

  5. Thanks, story! and, you are welcome! Rats - I forgot to put the date in there - I'll go edit the post and add it right now! LOL - thanks!

  6. I love Kolar--beautiful!
    great tips, Kathy!
    I have won giveaways, but have not sponsored one of my own of the type you have outlined. I did participate in One World, One Heart.

  7. Great info, Kathy! Thanks for sharing. Your little doggie portrait is precious ;^)

  8. Giveaways can be lots of fun, Splendid. If you decide to do one, keep it simple and have fun!

    Thanks, Lee =) Kolar arrived in good order and Katlyn is very happy - which makes me very happy, too!

  9. Thanks, Pam! They are fun - and sharing tips is fun, too!


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