Friday, December 9, 2011

Brrrr cold Funtry Friday Fun!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a 2 x 4... and a very thick chunk of ice...

One thing for sure, throwing a stick for Bailey in the snow...
...creates much less dust than toss it in the dirt!

Yep, that was two mid-air catches!

Proud of himself?  Yep.  He moved his giant heavy tire feeder right smack in front of the gate.
The gate only opens one way.  Guess which way!
Have you ever seen a cat torture a dog?
They learned how to do that by watching rabbits...

Hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!  Happy Funtry Friday!



  1. Give that horse a blanket, Kathy! BRRRR!!!

  2. So much fun in your backyard!! Didn't know a horse would pull such a prank. Go,Benny, go

  3. Smile! My husband has always said to me that horses have a great sense of humor, guess he is right.

  4. so much fun to see mid=air catches! Great exercise for both of you! They all look so happy outside in the snow! {:-D

  5. LOL - Lee, they are both growing their own hairy blankets right on their fuzzy backs ;-)

    Jane - Those feeders are so heavy that I can't move them. I wait until the horses pull them where I really don't want them, then I put a tow chain on the truck and haul them back to where they belong! LOL

    Absolutely, Marlene - I have seen Hershey grin when he does something mischevious!

    Thanks, memories - they sure do bring me a lot of joy!

    story - Bailey is really good at mid-air catches. She crawls through the fence to join me when I chore because she knows I will toss a stick for her. She really lives next door - my neighbor's grandchildren taught her to catch the stick mid-air. LOL - I think Bailey thinks I belong to her, too ;-)

  6. Funny, but boy, does it look cold where you are!

  7. I just love spending some time on the farm with you!

  8. Judy - today we have low 50s as a high *yay* but these pictures were taken when we had a run of close to freezing daytime temperatures for several days. brrrrr!

    Thanks, Kim - the welcome mat is always out! Glad you dropped by =)

  9. I'd say that the dog is having way more fun in the snow than I would! I'm dreading it!!!

  10. Bailey is having so much fun in the snow! I'd love to spend time with all your critters! I know they'd provide many smiles!

  11. Sher - I agree! I had cold toes, frozen fingers, and Bailey was still chasing her tail and dancing around in the snow! LOL

    Beaded - they do provide lots of smiles! C'mon over anytime ;-) the welcome mat is always out!

  12. Brrrr hope your staying warm! We could have used some of that snow here for Christmas lol

    Looks like your animals are having fun!

  13. I'll send you some the next time I get any ;-) It doesn't usually stick around too long, but it sure does get cold! The animals did enjoy it - lol - except for Bethie who much prefers warm and dry weather!


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