Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where is your passion?

If you have been hanging around my blog for a while you know that I have loved horses for as long as I can remember.  You also know that I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing the horses that I was dreaming about.

Pencils, crayons, paint... Black and white, colored pencil, ink...  And more paint...  And more horses...

An oil painting I did in grade school.

And then there were art classes at school - and more paint and drawing and mixed media fun.  Look, I branched out in subject matter, too!  (high school humor... good thing I kept dreaming about horses and not about being a comedian.)

A textured mixed media painting I did in High School.
College art classes?  Lots of them... painting, drawing, and one very fun printmaking class.  I was captivated by the variety of printmaking choices.  This was one of the most interesting processes that I explored.
Collograph limited edition print

After college, I kept drawing and doing printmaking.  Sometimes the drawing and the printmaking merged.

silk screen "The Craftsman"

And sometimes the printmaking and painting seemed to collide.

silk screen "City at Night"
And then I returned to watercolors and horses...  and, look, the tree showed up, too!

Recently I added dabbling in oils to my artistic endeavors - and, of course, the horses were there.  Actually there was a tree, too, in another unphotographed, unfinished piece (loosely described as an) oil sketch...

A return to my childhood passion?  Well, to return to something you have to first leave it.  There never was a time that I pushed aside artistic creativity.  There never was a time when the dream of living in the country and having a horse was erased.  These things are just part of me.  Part of who I am.

I left printmaking for sewing, pattern design, and lots of baby diapers and toddler chasing.  I left pattern design, and collector doll making, for the creative designs in picture framing.  I left the art retail and picture framing creativity, for painting in watercolor... and for another little passion.  A treasure, if you will...

four little seeds ponder what the future will hold

I don't get as much painting done (yet!) because I am immersed in the excitement of creating not just an image, but a personality.   Painting a dream and making it come alive!  Creating some lasting treasures that will, hopefully, fill little hearts and minds with dreams of their own.  Challenging?  Yes!  Fun?  Definitely!  My passion?  Positively.

Making the words of my daughter's story spring to life has been one of the most satisfying and most creatively challenging artistic endeavors that I have ever painted my way through.  It has taken longer than I thought it would, too, but then no one ever said that treasure seekers find their pot of gold in the first five minutes!

However, passion keeps me hot on the trail!

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6:21

Where is your heart these days?  Are you a treasure seeker, too?  Share with us!



  1. Awww. Thank you Mama!!

  2. You are waaaaaaaayyyy Welcome, dear daughter!!

  3. That was fun going along on your creative journey and I can't wait to see the creative endeavor you are on with your daughter's book! You are so talented Kathy!

  4. You've been so creative all your life. Nice to see some of your beautiful art!

  5. Amazing art Kathy, I love the horse you painted in grade school.

  6. What a beautiful journey!

    I like how passion can sometimes return to the original seed even after many years.

  7. Thanks for sharing your journey! :D

  8. a fun retrospective, Kathy! You've given us a little teaser! a book with your daughter?! That's exciting!
    I love your paintings! I look forward to following your artistic journey!

  9. What a great heart-warming post! I loved reading about all the creative endeavors you've taken part in :)

  10. Thank you, Beaded! Glad you enjoyed the journey. Her book is such a great story - it's been fun working with her to bring her characters to life.

    Thanks, Pam! It was fun to go back through the years of artwork and put together this post.

    Thank you, Marlene! All these years later, I can still remember the "ahhhh" I felt when it was done.

    Thank you, Erika! I think we all should stop and take a little time to "look back" at the threads that run through our lives. Surprises await when we do that!

    You are welcome, Lee - glad you stopped by and wandered through the "gallery" ;-)

    Thank you, Splendid! The book is taking shape nicely =) Sometimes I think the artistic journey is more like an "artistic adventure"!

    Thank you, memories =) Glad this touched your heart!

  11. How lovely to read about your creative journey, and to learn that you ended up where you started! For me the writing has always been there in one form or another, but working with my hands began later, after college. I am entirely self-taught.

  12. Thank you, Judy =) I think the threads of our creative journey weave in and out through life and that's why they show up in different places - and sometimes in unexpected ways! How fun that writing has always been with you.

  13. Thank you, Judy =) I think the threads of our creative journey weave in and out through life and that's why they show up in different places - and sometimes in unexpected ways! How fun that writing has always been with you.

  14. Whoops - nice double post by me =p Guess I really didn't believe that the comment was loading...


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