Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to my cave... Funtry Friday!

Oh...  This cave seems to be occupied...

Yikes!  Is that a bear in the cave????  *backs away quietly*

Oh, well, maybe this cave is a little bit small for a bear...

Well, look at that!  It's Benny Bunny!  And... ah... he's been doing a little bit of digging...

I think he is quite proud of himself.  He dug a hole so big that I had to move his house...

...before his house fell down the rabbit hole.

Certainly pays to watch where you step around here - every day of the week!  Happy Funtry Friday!



  1. I like the bunny adventures!

    I love the horses you draw, I used to have them as a young girl, so I am partial to them.

  2. This was sooo much fun. Does Benny ever use his house?

  3. it looked like a bear with these eyes! {:-D

  4. LOL That's so cute! He does look kinda proud of himself - that's a lot of work for a little bunny! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. love it! Benny is quite the digger! (and super cute!)

  6. no way!! that is so cool, did that itty bitty bunny wabbit really dig all those holes, lol!
    I thought it was a bear in the first pic, haha! and wondered why you were getting so close to him

  7. Hope Benny doesn't try to dig an escape tunnel! He's very cute!

  8. Thank you, sweetybird! Glad you enjoy my paintings =)

    haha - Jane, I put his food and hay in the house - especially in windy or wet weather. Benny will hop in there to eat and then off he goes to dig caverns =p

    Thanks, Joann!

    hehe - thanks, Jeanne!

    Glad you enjoyed his antics, Sue!

    LOL - story, he does a pretty good bear imitation - from a distance!

    K. Joy - You are welcome! Glad you enjoyed seeing his master work. He has been a very busy little bunny!

    Thanks, Splendid! I have to admit, I wonder how much of an underground maze there is...

    Thanks, Rose!

    Yep, he did, pink! I'm surprised that the house was still standing over the hole. There was dirt at the four corners and nothing in the middle =p hehe - He looks like a bear with really long ears ;-)

    Beaded - me, too. So far, he has just the two entrances that you see. He doesn't try to run out the gate, either - hehe - he knows where the carrots and apples show up! LOL

  9. oh that was so cute. I had lop-eared bunnies growing up. they're adorable!

  10. It's another world down the rabbit hole! He's leading a double life...does he know Alice?

    Always an adventure at your place, Kathy :D

  11. He's much cuter than a bear :) Hope he likes his new house :)

  12. How fun, Jenny! I have had two rabbits and enjoyed them both =)

    Lee - I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little tea party going on down there! haha!

    Linda - barely a bear bunny! LOL!

    I agree, memories! He has the same house... I just had to move it off of his gianormous hole! LOL

  13. Looks like he's been having fun redecorating! lol

  14. Totally, Pam - if I ever need a basement, I know who to call! LOL!


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