Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nothing quite like some fun art in your mailbox!

I just love to be surprised by something fun when I go to the Post Office.  Well, I did know that these little treasures were on their way to me - but I didn't know *when* they would arrive.

When they arrived, I was sooooo delighted!  I won the 7 Card Draw on Etsy and these delightful ACEOs are what I won.  These beautiful ACEOs came with some lovely cards, too!

Their packages are like little works of art, too!

So who are these fun people who sent me all of these creative gifts?  Well, here they are!

Carole - rsully2photography – Delicate bloom

Linda - Raedawn  - Last Day at the Beach

Marlene – Lazyhawk -  At the Beach, Lighthouse

Johnnie - johnniebelinda - original miniature art painting blue seascape

Lee - leepierce  - ted d bear Paris

Betty  - pinkglitterfae – Goat smiling

Jeanne – nannysroom – Red, Yellow, Blue, Pelican

Thank you all for entering your lovely creations in the 7 Card Draw!  I am so delighted to have added these beautiful ACEOs  to my collection!

Pretty soon someone is going to receive a gift from me, too.  Remember my giveaway?  Well, here are a couple more work in progress photos of her lovely little dog ~

He is such a cutie!

I am really enjoying painting him!

So, have you had some fun surprises in your mailbox recently?  Or are you going to surprise someone else?  Have fun!



  1. What a great mail day you had Kathy!

  2. They're awesome, Kathy! Congratulations on the win!
    Love seeing your little dog progress!

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway! Those little cards are really cute. I love your dog, too.

    Erika sent me a very generous bead package earlier this month. I blogged about it today. I'm also expecting my anniversary ring to show up in the mail sometime later this month!

  4. Great winnings!

    Love the little dog portrait! Lots of personality visible :D

  5. Great fun and cheerful!
    Love your little doggie painting :)

  6. The little doggie is turning out really cute! And . . .I WISH I had a place in my tiny apartment to display ACEO's

  7. I love receiving things in the mail, except for bills! There are lots of exchanges out there - forget what they're called... The doggie is so cute, and I think the collar is a great touch! {:-D

  8. It was a lot of fun, Purple Pony!

    Thank you, Splendid! They are all wonderful artists! Glad you like my little dog painting =)

    Thank you, Rose! What fun - you have such great "surprises" coming your way!

    Thanks, Marlene!

    Thanks, Lee! His photo is soooo cute.

    Thanks, memories - they sure did brighten up my mail box! Glad you enjoyed my painting progress.

    Thanks, Linda! I have my ACEOs in an album so that I can enjoy them any time I want to =)

    Me, too, story! I have seen several of the trades, but I haven't done any really big ones. There are LOTS of them out there. hehe - his collar really is red, but I did turn his tag into a heart ;-)

  9. Congrats on your win! What a great selection of ACEO's & Cards!

    Love the work in progress! What a cutie!

  10. Thanks, Pam! It was lots of fun to win - thanks for doing the 7 Card Draw! Thanks for the compliment, too - glad you enjoyed my little painting =)


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