Sunday, November 13, 2011

A little work in progress ~

Remember my little giveaway for a free 5 x 7 inch watercolor painting?  Were you wondering what the winner wants me to paint? 

Surprise!  Here are some little work in progress pictures of the painting ~

my sketch transferred to the watercolor paper
I like to do my sketches on tracing paper so that I can use a light box to transfer my drawing to watercolor paper.  The tracing paper is thin enough to clearly see the lines even though the 140 pound watercolor paper is very thick.  By tracing with a light box, I am able to use a mechanical pencil with just the right line width and density.  That becomes very important when the lines are no longer needed and I want to erase them.  I don't transfer all of the lines on my sketch - just the main ones that I will need to define the shapes.

laying in the dark areas
The first thing I do is put in a mid value tone in what will eventually be the darkest areas.  I use a mid value tone so that I can easily make it darker or lift the color if I want to change the painting.  Things are very loose and 'sketchy' at this point, but each wash layer adds more and more definition.

putting in a little color and detail
Let the fun begin!  I am now adding a bit of detail and a little more color.  This sweet little baby has LOTS of fun hair to paint and I can hardly wait to get to that part *smiles* but first, I have to refine my shapes and put in some of the darkest darks.

This is such a cute dog and I can really see a LOT of personality peeking through in the pictures!  Hope you enjoyed seeing this little work in progress.  I am really enjoying doing this giveaway.  Have you had fun with a special project for someone recently?  Hope so!

Happy creating!


  1. such a cute little dog! What a wonderful painting! It's fun to see your painting in progress and to read about your process.

  2. What a great process--it is fun to see the painting in the different stages and how you bring the cute guy to life.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  3. I love seeing WIPs! Thank you so much for sharing...looking forward to seeing the rest of your process and the finished puppy. :)

  4. Kathy this is a fun little WIP! thanks for sharing your secrets
    betty :-)

  5. that's looking great. it's fun seeing your creative process.

  6. thanks for telling us your process. I love the little doggie - so cute! What a treat for the winner! {:-D

  7. Oh my, how cute is that little dog! I enjoyed seeing your process and am now wanting custom work of my babies! I know you're busy now but I'd like more info when you have time. :)

  8. Thank you, Splendid! It's fun to share, too =)

    Thanks, Erika - this little baby has a LOT of personality!

    Thanks ZudaGay - I will post the finished painting, too =)

    You are welcome, Betty! Sharing the "secrets" is half the fun!

    Thank you, Jenny! It's fun to share what "goes into" a painting.

    Thanks, story - She sent me such cute photos - this little critter is a lot of fun to paint!

  9. Great little portrait, Kathy. I love watching you work! :D

  10. Oh wow, is that dog cute or what! Your painting is beautiful, can't wait to see it finished!

  11. How cute Kathy! I love seeing other artist's processes- how interesting!

  12. Facinating! Can I come over and have a few lessons!! :)

  13. Awwww - Sharla, that would be fun! Thanks for the compliment and I will pass on the information to you =)

    Thanks, Lee!

    Thanks, Pam! I had a dog that looked almost like this. Cute!

    Thanks, Nancy - I do, too =)

    Come on, Linda! I'll make us a pot of tea and well splash some paint and have some fun ;-)

  14. Interesting process, and definitely a cute dog!

  15. Thanks, Judy! He is a cutie and working on his painting is lots of fun =)


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