Friday, November 25, 2011

A little fun with ACEOs - Funtry Friday!

What's an ACEO?  A little collectible work of art that is 2.5 x 3.5 inches created in ANY media.  Art Cards Editions and Originals or ACEOs are similar to Art Trading Cards or ATCs.  They are the same size, both are collectible art, and both are lots of fun! 

So what do you do with these little gems?  Well... they are fun to frame, keep in an album, give as gifts (especially since they are VERY affordable!), enclose in a greeting card, use as a bookmark.... or decorate your Christmas tree! 

"Christmas Heart"

"Arizona Christmas Lights!"

"Christmas with Mr. Random Dude"

"Christmas Lights Arizona Style!"
You can find all of these fun ornaments in my Etsy shop, tapestry316, - along with lots of other things that will make your Christmas decorating fun!

"Merry Christmas"
There's a Country Christmas just around the corner around here!  Time to have a little Funtry Friday fun and start decorating!



  1. Cute collection! They make perfect ornaments.

  2. Aw, that's cute! They make perfect ornaments! :)

  3. What a great idea! I have been trying to be creative with mine too.

  4. that's a great idea for tree decorations! A friend got me some paper and frames for ACEO... for my birthday. I should use them! Yours are adorable! {:-D

  5. Thanks, Rose! I saw a similar idea and just had to give something like it a try.

    Thanks, Athena! They were fun to make and I will probably make some for gifts, too =)

    Thanks, Joann! That's one very fun thing about ACEOs - there are so many creative things that you can do with them.

    What fun, story! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  6. Sweet! I love how diverse your style is.

  7. Those make great ornaments! They are so colorful and fun!

  8. Thank you, Pam! They look cute in the tree, too =) I may take some of my favorites from my collection and put them on my tree, too =)


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