Sunday, November 20, 2011

Almost finished!

There was a beginning...
Some progress...

A bit of a middle...

A little bit more progress...
A few more details added...

And now it's almost finished!

Just a few more little finishing touches and Kolar's painting will be ready to travel to his home!  This has been a really fun giveaway painting to do.  Kolar's photograph really shows his wonderful personality - isn't he an absolute cutie? 

Sometimes people have said that I have a gift for painting, but the gift doesn't come from me.  God has graced me with a talent.  I never paid for it.  I didn't go to the store to buy some talent.  Brushes, yes... practice, definitely, but buy this gift?  No.  I am very grateful that God gave me this gift - and I really enjoy using it and sharing the talent He has given me. 

What gifts have you had the chance to share with others?  Hope you had as much fun as I have had with this little portrait!


O, give thanks unto the Lord;
call upon His name:
make known His deeds
among the people.
Psalm 105:1


  1. He is soooooo cute. I love his expressive eyes.

  2. Great work Kathy - what an adorable pup! Nice to watch the painting come alive as you work :D

  3. Kolar IS a cutie! How dun that you've showed us the progress on your painting! It looks fabulous!

    Here's a general statement. If we look deep within, I believe we'll find we many talents, which we hopefully use to bless others.

  4. Thanks, Marlene =)

    Thanks, Pam!

    Thanks, Leola!

    Thanks, Kathryn!

    Thanks, Lee - I'm having a lot of fun sharing the progress =)

    Thanks, Splendid - Glad you are enjoying seeing the work in progress. Sometimes the desire to share can move us to search for those talents, too.

    Thank you, ZudaGay! Glad you enjoyed him!

  5. He is SOOOO cute! I might have to have you do my Harley some day :)

  6. Thanks, memories! I would love to do Harley =) Just email or convo me for details any time!


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