Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Want to help two beautiful children?

My friend, Shannon, is having a fundraiser for their adoption expenses.  They are adopting two orphans who are almost five years old.  Check out the details on her blog, Baruch's Lullaby.

If you want to leave a little donation to help with those expenses, there is a donation button on her blog *smiles*

Visit Shannon's adoption fundraiser auction on Facebook, Baruch's Lullaby, where you can see my little butterflies!

"Butterfly, Butterfly"

There are some beautiful creations in her auction!  And the starting bid prices are half of their normal selling price.  Still some time to bid and still some great deals there *nudge*nudge* 

"Butterfly, Butterfly" is an original mixed media painting which depicts hands forming the American Sign Language sign for butterfly over the shape of a butterfly. 

Oh, and my little art giveaway is still rolling along, too.  Check out the details here! 


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