Sunday, October 2, 2011

More "Vehicular Genealogy" and a fun giveaway!

Well, now – where did I leave off in that convoluted tale of traveling trucks?

Oh, yeah!  I had bought Super Truck and sold the Honda Accord.  Check out this great photo they took of me when I bought Super Truck.  *roflol*  Can I get an “amen” for the cheesy photo of the year award???

Around that time, my sister gave my daughter the little 1982 GMC truck.  It was Cynthia’s first vehicle and we became a two truck family – hehe!

Sadly, we lost Mom in 2002.  By then Cynthia was married and she and her wonderful husband inherited Mom’s minivan which meant that Timothy and Cynthia had an extra vehicle.  It was my turn to inherit the little 1982 GMC truck - from my daughter and son-in-law.  Since it got really good gas mileage, I drove it to and from work for that almost hour long drive.  It was fun to drive and I nicknamed it “The Bug”.

I drove it until my knees and the stick shift had an argument.  Pooh.  I parked The Bug and drove Super Truck all the time.

Then my sister got a new car and gifted Cynthia and Timothy with her newer minivan.  It was a blessing because Mom’s minivan was beginning to show its age.  They gifted Mom's minivan to a family at their church.

Think this saga is finished?


But that does bring you up to this year!

My sister recently got a lovely little RAV.  Blue, in case you were wondering *smiles*  But that left them with an extra vehicle – a 2002 Dodge Dakota truck with only 67,294 miles on it.  Super Truck, my sweet 1995 Silverado, had traveled 258,858 miles.

Sooooo… When she asked me if I wanted it, I said yes, and then wondered what to do with Super Truck…  Hehe – didn’t have to wonder very long!  Look, Bailey has claimed Super Truck for her own! 

Guess I had better pass on the keys…

Lorie is so happy she even gave the same thumbs up I did 16 years ago! 

But there is just one little problem...

My new truck doesn’t have a name…  So, help me out here!  What do you think I should name this new little truck?  If you post a name in the comments you will be entered in the drawing for my giveaway!

Giveaway?  What shall I give away?  Hmmmm…  How about a painting?  How about a 5 inch x 7 inch painting?  Hmmmm – and how about you pick what critter you would like me to paint?  Any critter!  Your critter, a friend’s critter, one of my critters - hehe  Yeah!  I’m liking that!  Leave a comment with a possible truck name, and you’re entered! 

Oh, and the vehicular saga?  Nope – it’s not over yet!  So keep staying tuned for “the rest of the story”!


“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
when it is in your power to do it.”
Proverbs 3:27


  1. You should name your truck Bessie :)


  2. Oh my! I've never seen anything like this, too funny... How about Gene? Short for geneology.

  3. What a wonderful story. How about "Pearl".
    Backyard has spoken!

  4. Since you are so fond of critters, and this truck reminds me of the color of a duck, how about "Duckie"?

  5. Wow, you are all very creative with the names! Fun!

    Lily - you just never know what you will find on my blog ;-)

    Ahhhh - and thank you for speaking, Backyard!

    Very fun, Linda! Thanks =)

  6. How about Quick Silver!

  7. How about Hemi?
    You make everthinkg fun!

  8. Your stories are so fun! Since your last truck was "The Bug", how about "The Beetle"? I'm so bad at creativity!

  9. Tumbleweed - 'cause that's what this truck is 'gonna do - roam all around the country!

  10. Great names! and some fun ones that I would never thought of, too =) Stay tuned for more details!

  11. I have been mulling this over for days....
    DH says Bertha
    I say Thunder

  12. Great names, Lee! Kind of does look like a cloud ;-)

  13. How about something simple, Dakota truck = Datruck.

  14. Contest is closed now, but thanks for stopping by!


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