Friday, October 7, 2011

Funtry Friday Giveaway and the rest of the “Vehicular Genealogy” story!

Did you get lost in all those traveling vehicles?  Well, you can check out this post to see where it all began.  Then you can travel forward in time a bit and check out this post to get the middle of the saga.   Since you are here, you are not very lost because this is the “rest of the story” – at least for now!

Now let’s see – we left off with a little giveaway, didn’t we?  Because my new little Dodge Dakota doesn’t have a name…  If you help me by suggesting a name for my new little truck, then I will enter you in the drawing for a free 5 inch x 7 inch (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm) watercolor painting - and YOU get to pick whatever critter you want me to paint!  All you need to do is leave a comment on my blog with a suggestion for a name for my new little truck.  Want to have an extra chance to win?  Share a link to my blog contest somewhere and then post the link where you shared it in the comments.  You can blog about it, share it on facebook or twitter, or maybe share it with some friends in a group or thread where you chat.  You have one more week to play.  Every time you post a suggested truck name or a link where you have shared my contest, you will be entered AGAIN in the contest.  Have fun!  The contest will end next Friday night, midnight Arizona, USA time!

Now, back to “the rest of the story”…

Did you see that little truck playing peek-a-boo behind my nameless new truck?  That would be The Bug – the little 1982 GMC truck.  Off and on, I had thought about getting it back in running order because it had a lot less mileage than Super Truck and used a lot less gas.  But, then there was the argument that my knees and the clutch always had… 

Then one day my friends mentioned that they would like to buy the GMC.  Buy?  Buy the little GMC truck?  It just didn’t seem right to sell the truck after it had been given to so many people.  Hmmm… but trade!  Now that was a different matter!  So now the little 1982 GMC truck (nicknamed “The Bug”) has new home, too - just around the corner.   

And I have lots of wood for the winter!  Yay!

Did you keep up with all that vechicular swapping and trading going on there?  Or did you get lost?  All the cars and trucks have landed somewhere now – at least for the time being – and all that remains to be done is to come up with a name for my new truck.  So, have fun with my “name the truck” contest and email me if you have any questions!



  1. This is my third submission...I don't think any of the others came through... "DAFFY" that's the name for your new Dodge truck! No other name will do! The Daffy Dodge

  2. Wow what a beautiful new truck! Congrats.

    I am horrible with coming up with names... I suggest Dee Dee (Dodge Dakota lol)

    and my mom suggested LIZZY!

  3. hahaha - Daffy - too cute ;-) Naughty blogger - glad you could finally comment!

    Clever, Pam! How fun - my Mom and Dad's first car was named Lizzy!

  4. Congrats Kathy, you sure have an interesting history with cars, lol!
    I'm going to throw my suggestion out there : Big Bertha.
    Yup, that's what she looks like, lol!

  5. I just found your blog through your etsy store! Love your horses. :) Hmm... The first name that came to mind when I saw your new truck was "Dixie". Sounds like you've got a lot of good ideas!! :)

  6. haha - great suggestion, pink ;-)

    K. Joy - fun - I actually had a friend who had a dog named Dixie!
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my horses =)

  7. Thought of another name! :) My Dad used to drive a truck that bounced so much my nickname for it was "the Bucking Bronco". So my next name suggestion is "Bronco". :)

  8. We rented a vehicle on vacation that we named Big Bertha. My daughter has a truck named Biscuit.

  9. LOL - great name, K. - especially considering our roads out here!

    Very fun, Splendid - sounds like you all have a history of naming vehicles, too!

  10. Mu current car is Blue--maybe not so original because it IS blue in color.

    I looked up "white" in different languages. Here's some I found:
    Zuri (basque)
    Luzu (Budukh)
    Blanca (Esperanto)
    Puti (Filipino)
    Blanco (Spanish)
    Kena (Tuvaluan)
    Gwyn (Welch)

    Why don't you post your contest on our team facebook page?

  11. Very fun, Splendid! Now you have my "wheels turning" on some ideas!
    *slaps forehead* I will go post it there. Thanks!

  12. I posted on this before but it went poof!! So I will try again. My suggestion is Koty.

  13. Naughty blogger! Great name, Kim!

    If any of you have trouble posting tonight, send your comment in an email to

    I have had several people say they have had trouble posting comments... pooh!

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me pick a name for my new truck!

  14. Thanks for all your comments! Contest is over now =)


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