Friday, September 30, 2011

Vehicular Genealogy - Funtry Friday!

My family has an interesting tradition with vehicles.  They tend to last a long time, get a lot of miles, and travel all over the place in more ways than one.  Check this out…

My first car was a 1963 blue Ford Falcon – Beauregard Thaddeus Car, BT the Beautiful Blue Bomb – which previously belonged to my grandfather.  After his death, my 80 year old grandmother talked about learning how to drive… but I convinced her that I really needed a vehicle and I couldn’t find one nearly as good as BT on any car lot anywhere.   She gave me the car, gave up the idea of driving, and we all heaved a collective sigh of relief.

I drove BT until my Dad bought a new little 1982 GMC truck.  He and my Mom gave me their little Honda Accord so I parked BT.  They also bought a nice minivan to drive around all the company coming up to their new country home.

After Mom and Dad bought a LaBaron for nice town driving, they gave my sister the little 1982 GMC truck which she drove for several years.

I found a home for BT with the son of my employer.  He restored it with his son who then *very proudly* gave me a ride in the shiny “new” Falcon.  That was fun!

I drove that little Honda until Mom gave me Dad’s LaBaron after we sadly lost him to a brief illness.  I shivered every time I hauled hay or went camping in that lovely car.  At that time, I actually sold that Honda, too… the only time I have ever sold a car.

Meanwhile, my daughter was learning to drive – stick shift, no less – in the LaBaron on the country back roads. 

Then in 1995 I traded the LaBaron in on Super Truck and we happily hauled hay, went camping, and did all that other truck stuff.  Check out my “Super Truck” page and you can see some of the adventures we have had.

Is your head spinning yet?  Stay with me now – this is all going somewhere, and it will involve some fun.  You will have to “stay tuned” and hear “the rest of the story” to see just where we are traveling, though.  But, I haven’t had a giveaway in a loooong time, and, well…

Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,


  1. Seems I won't be going anywhere. I'd never miss one of your stories. Oh, my list of cars you ask? Corvair,VW fastback,Rambler American,Dodge Dart, Chevy Nova,Toyota Corona,Olds Ciera Wagon

  2. Such a nice story Kathy. I have had several vehicles, only one brand new and someone drove off of the road in our neighborhood (at that time) and into our yard and did a whole lot of damage to it. My first car was FUBAR, had a box of dirt and rocks in the trunk when I bought it ... when I finally got the box out of the trunk, I soon found out why it was there when I spun out in the rain!

  3. how we get from here to there - with lots of memories packed in :D
    Love it - waiting for the next installment...

  4. LOL - great list, Jane! We had a Chevy Nova when I was growing up. Calm white on the outside and racey read on the inside ;-)

    Now that's a vehicle with personality, Lily! Great name, too. I actually thought about putting a bale of hay in the back of Super Truck during the snowy months, but I never got stuck. At least not stuck where I couldn't get out with 4 wheel drive!

  5. that was nice of your grandmother to give you the car! I had a blue bomb my dad gave to me - said I was safer in a larger car, and a GMC at that! Hmmm, what did he mean by that... {:-D

  6. I'm curious as to where this story is going! Your car history is very interesting but yet, I wouldn't expect any different! :)

  7. We go back a LONG way with our vehicles, don't we?? Good memories of the Falcon - you know, Steve really wanted to take that off your hands for quite a while! HA! And no, I won't go into our past (or current) vehicle list. But my favorite is still my little Rambler station wagon - we had some good times in that baby, didn't we?!

  8. Story - that was my all time favorite car! Haha - Dad must have known something... LOL!

    Thanks, Sharla ;-) The rest of the story is on its way...

    Karin, when I was writing this I kept thinking about that little Rambler! We did have some great memories in both the Rambler and the Falcon. I didn't know Steve wanted the car =( Would have sent it your way instead!


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