Friday, September 16, 2011

Ummm... huh? Funtry Friday - fooled me!

Awww - look at all the pretty chickens!  Remember when I took the girls and let them pick out some baby chicks?  Check out the Professional Chicken Shoppers - they are sooo cute!  Yes, the girls and the chicks ;-) 

Well, here are those little chicks all grown up!  Aren't they pretty?

Ummmm... oops...  There seems to be a little, well... these are all supposed to be... well, the sign said pullets...  girls, hens, huh...

Whoopsie.  It would appear that there's a little rooster tail in there with all those hens. 

And the really sad part?  The girls picked out all but one of the baby chicks. 

Ya know, I have always said that I could pick out the roosters with my eyes closed.  Apparently, I can also pick them out with my eyes open.

Hope he and Buddy get along because he sure is handsome!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Easy to do...for me anyway! Happy Friday and you're right, he sure is pretty!

  2. Can the rooster stay...I mean you do not have to separate him from the hens do u?
    Hey wont u have fertilized eggs this way????

  3. Hahahahahaha. Funny. Won't you have little chickies in a few months--weeks? Your blog is superior. The whole scenario tickles the heck out of me!

  4. Lucky little fella for now. The boys can't peacefully coexist, can they?

  5. Graceful - He is a Dominique =) And so are three of his girlfriends =p

    sweetybird - I always keep my hens and rooster together. Some of the eggs are fertile, but they don't turn into chicks unless a hen decides to "set" on them and keep them toasty warm.

    MoxyFox - Glad you enjoyed my blog - thanks! I will be overrun with chickies if all the hens decide to "set"! LOL! Fortunately, I only have one hen who has a tendency to want to hatch out eggs and she's not interested at the moment.

    Jane - Somtimes they do and sometimes they don't - I'll just wait and see.

  6. Do you have some older ones that Buddy might claim. If so he might share these! Never know until you try.

  7. Kim - Buddy has claimed the original three hens. I think that the flock might split with the new hens going with the new rooster. So far it seems that is the case.

  8. What fun! You are always having adventures - and you don't have to leave home :D

  9. Another life lesson to be thankful for! One of my neighbors who keeps chickens accidentally ended up with a rooster, which we who homestead in the city are not allowed to have within 500 feet of any residence, so I do get to hear the morning alarm clock go off (sometimes before daylight even thinks of appearing), but I don't mind. The girls did an excellent job of chick-picking! Perhaps you should leave it up to them next time???

  10. LOL! I wouldn't know the first thing about picking a male from a female chick :) So I'd make the same mistake!

  11. So true, Lee!

    LOL - Karin, they will crow at all hours of the day or night. I have turned on my porch light and started the crowing! Yep, leaving the chick choices to the girls! for sure! LOL!

    memories - They are in disguise! LOL!


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